Market of China’s web page gaming

China’s online game revenue growth since 2011, delayed the launch of the product will rebound, the lack of innovation and product development efforts, the player slowdown in growth, but any course we look forward to new games. Although the Web and popular social game, but not everyone has the opportunity to make big money. With strong execution and strong asset-based carrier, they have a great advantage to operate the new model products.

Starting the year 2011, the growth rate of China’s web page to enhance the game, the main motivation is that traditional Internet service providers to “platform” of the transition.

Tencent, Baidu, Thunder, 360, etc., begin to exert its own platform for users, new users increased significantly, driven by the Spring Festival, the user arpu growth, a quarter, a variety of games one after another on the line, the main push of the product platform also changed, the market entered a new phase of product change is expected in Q2 market TOP5-TOP10 product reshuffle will occur. Market will remain more than 10% growth.

Tencent game revenues for the quarter increased by 753 million yuan, of which more than 450 million online games from the client’s promotion in the New Year and winter, thanks to the rest of the web game platform development effort.

Tencent web game platform at the beginning of the line, began to integrate its own product line tour page, Tencent swim platform page the user is not in contact with the main objective of the new online game user base, easy to view online marketing intelligence think tank, library, Tencent page travel advertising user-oriented education to start from scratch, advertising with “what web game” as the core educational users.

3 now has an official tour operator of the pages, with varying degrees of eight commercial test phase travel page. And in the process of adding a “white big battle” as the representative of social games, swim platform, reverse drive from the page “Tencent friends”, “3366.”

Tencent’s revenue growth in page space travel is still very wide, pillar strategy of the current products are class travel pages, follow-up arcade, to develop a class, real-time / RPG round will be another page on-line tour. Analysys forecasts Tencent in China’s travel market share page at the end of 2011 more than 40%.

Game business is affected by seasonal factors, the greatest impact, the effects of different business performance, you will find games in the first quarter, boosted by seasonal factors, the most obvious, this also means that when the seasonal changes, the game business by the greatest negative impact. As the game accounted for a larger proportion of our total revenue, the impact of seasonal factors this year than in previous years.

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