Overall, the Asian gaming market has become an important and increasingly significant component of the sustainable growth of the game industry on the planet.

With the overseas expansion of Chinese online games companies, the oversea market is no doubt a new way of exploiting the boundary in the fierce competition Chinese Market.

According to the situation of the overseas expansion of China-made online games, mostly to limited Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian regions, the Chinese online game did receive a very good reputation in the countries mentioned above.
Insiders pointed out that for Southeast Asia, the area is the area of lazy users, players will not be so harsh to the quality of the game. Many online game operators point out, if the crash problem is encountered in Southeast Asia, the player will be back, and if this happened in Japan and South Korea, the player will not come again.
Although China’s online game companies have already done something in n Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia, Companies like Jinshan, giants have taken up about 80% market share in Vietnam. However, due to the limited size of the Southeast Asian region users, and the low per capita income, therefore, there is still a tough and long way ahead of Chinese online games for them to step into the mainstream overseas game markets.
Let’s take Indonesia for example.

Indonesia, the future prospects of the online game market

We can say that there is still room for the future development prospects of the online game market in Indonesia, the operating performance of the previous online game “point blank” is enough to explain it.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is the leading country among the southeast asian countries.So we can tell that with the development of the economy, Indonesia is expected to gain a growth of 7% GDC value a year after 2020, but the game market in the southeast asian market is still.

However, on the other hand, if the local IT market can not be developed, then the online game market prospects’ pace will slow down. Although there are many local cafes opened one after another resently. However, the network environment and the basic computer hardware is very low,this will do harm to the development of

Indonesian online Game Development.

Meanwhile, Internet cafes, etc. related to the lack of technical staff also need to settle the problem, can you imagine walking into a net cafe and the network administrator can’t help you to deal with some network problem? Would you buy a t-shirt in a shop when a sales guy there told you: sorry I don’t know which one fits you better.

So if a game company wants to expand to the south asian market, there is one way to lower the risk, and that will be: let CCJK help them to localize their game. Cost down means more profits!

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