Beijing March 12 morning news, “angry bird,” developer CEO Peter Davis has boldly predicted that the console games will eventually die out.

Vest Vega is currently responsible for the development of Rovio’s business, this week they completed the $ 42,000,000 of financing, Harvest Vega also explained some of the gaming world views, in a recent discussion held at the SXSW Music Festival, He also published a stunning view.

Vest Vega said, the game industry’s innovations, were transferred to the mobile, social networking market, mainly because of the company including the Rovio to wit, including the rapid development and introduction of new work. In fact, with mobile games (including the iPad tablet machine game, etc.) further increasing the size of the host game will die out.

He also ridiculed those hard to upgrade, but 40 or $ 50 cost of the traditional game modes, but Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Tero Ojanpera countered that hosting the game still has room for development, because Users are not used to the tablet connected to the TV.

Compared to “angry bird,” 40 or $ 50 game can bring sustainable income for the company, the game developers can also invest more in technology development with high-quality games.

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For the mobile gaming business model, Harvest Bega admit that no one can thoroughly get to know, but given the “angry little bird” that is so popular, a mobile game are full of opportunities. Rovio the key to development lies in the ongoing attempt, not to be confined to a specific model.

People tend to “angry bird” and other games called casual games, and games as the host is the core game. Vest Bega said he tired of the word casual games, and he wondered why no one is talking about the casual movies.

“An angry bird,” the player can also be as obsessed as the other gamers, for example, he said, many players do not play games often when the phone is still side.

In the development of the game industry, no matter which platform the game will switch to, there is one thing that will NEVER change, and that will be: users. In my opinion,it’s all about the user, which platform they like and which platform they dislike, that matters. So whether the game is fun enough to draws the attention of potential users is the key factor for a game.

The whole story of the game, the UI, and those characters in the game,these factors put a strong and direct influence on the users, how to draw attention and how to step out from hundreds of games, developers need to put more effert into it.

And CCJK’s services will definitely fuel developers’ market share for a strong understanding of the internet culture.

It’s seems strange. Internet culture? Is there anything to do with the game? The answer is : yes!

Localition will definitely make your game easier to be accepted in a new target market. and Game localization is more than other industry localization for its “fun” and “interesting”, how to make your games more popular and unique? From the technical aspect,all the developers and do whatever you can do,but not all the localization can translate your original story more “fun”.

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