Some Commonly Used Phrases in Legal Documents

Here I summarize some of the phrases that most commonly used in legal documents for your reference. 1. Subject to. 1)  Subject to this section,an appeal shall be brought in such manner and shall be subject to such conditions as are prescribed by this rules. 在符合本条规定的情况下,上诉应按本规则所规定的方式和条件提出。 2)  Subject to subsection(4),the information referred to in section 13(2) and in section 14(2) may be required from a legal adviser as from any other person,notwithstanding that the effect of compliance with such a requirement would be to disclose any privileged information or communication. 在符合第 4 款规定的情况下,可以要求法律顾问提供第 13 (2) 和第 14 (2) 条提及的信息,就如同要求任何人提供该类信息一样,尽管遵照该类要求可能会导致披露特许信息或交流内容。 2. Without prejudice to. 1)  Without prejudice to the generality of Rule 1,… 在不影响规则 1 的通用性的情况下,… 2)  Without prejudice to your powers and discretions, we hereby authorize you or your agents to take the following actions: 在不损害贵公司权力和自由裁量权的前提下,本公司兹授权贵公司或贵公司代理人采取以下行为: 3. Otherwise. 1)  In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, ”user” means… 本协议中,除非上下文另有所指,“用户”指… 2)  Any person who by threats, persuasion or otherwise induces a witness or a party not to give evidence in any hearing before the Board commits an offence. 任何人采用恐吓、怂恿或以其他手段诱使证人或一方当事人不在仲裁处审理中作证,即属犯罪。 3)  No Agreement will or any part thereof, which is in any manner revoked, shall be revived otherwise than by the re-execution thereof. 协议的全部或任何部分,无论以何种方式撤销后,均不得恢复,除非再次订立协议。

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