Legal documents are usually arcane with professional terminology and complex sentences. Even if the person has a good educational background, it will also sometimes difficult for them to be unimpeded to read and understand a legal document, moreover to translate the legal documents to another language, which will need higher quality!

The accuracy of legal translation:

Legal Translation’s accuracy is not requiring each word, phrase and sentence to be exactly the same with the original word, phrase and sentence one to one, but refers to the meaning of translated words, phrases and sentences consistent with the original meaning.

Of course, the translator shall not add extra contents on the purpose of purely using gorgeous words or making the translation fluent or easy to understand. Otherwise, they will distort the original meaning or be disengaged from the source, and even lead translation into its opposite meaning.

If you cannot accurately translate the original meaning, or even the contents of translations different from the original meaning seriously, which will inevitably form two or more explanations between the source and the translation.

The consequence can be imagined, not only it will make the dislocation of the legal status of the contracting parties, but even the economic interests of the contracting parties will be severely compromised.From this perspective, the accuracy of the translation of legal documents is very important that the importance of the legal status of the translation of documents must never waver.

The readability of legal translation:

As we all know, every language has its own unique expression and language style. If the translator neglects the customs and expression logic of target language, but uses the original sentence structure, expressing habits, language thinking, which inevitably makes the target language reader cannot read the translations fluently, or makes misunderstanding.

In the information age, the translation is not only to focus on the accuracy of translation, but also at the same time concerned about the readability. Of course, the readability is entirely based on the accuracy of the translation.Translation accuracy talked about here is not just for accurate individual word, phrase or sentence, but also it emphasizes the overall translation meaning to be exact.

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While you are doing legal document’s translation, you should grasp the original meaning, cast aside the original sentence structure, expression and language habits, break the shackles of the original sentence expression, to match the readers’ language customs, language thinking and logic, so that the translations can be reproduction of the original meaning.

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