Medical Translation Services

Medical industry plays a decisive part in the health of our body and mind, so does the information it provides. The medical translation requires the translators having a deep understanding of the field from practices to specialize terminology, and also experienced enough to meet various needs in projects translation. CCJK has rigorous and professional workflow to offer you reliable and accurate translation services, saving your time and money.

“Turnaround and service with CCJK Translation was great. Everything was quick and the developments went smoothly.”
– Josephine Komarmi

CCJK Medical Translation Sub-Fields

  • Medical instrument operation manuals
  • Medical contracts
  • Clinical protocol reports
  • Medical software localization
  • Online helping files
  • Medical patent documents
  • Medical research reports
  • Medical data
  • Diagnostic reports
  • Medical online teaching courses
  • Medical videos

CCJK’s Loyal Clients

  • Astra Zeneca
  • Abbott
  • Parkway Group Healthcare
  • GE Healthcare
  • Kodak Medical Imaging
  • Agilent Medical Device

CCJK Provides You the Best Medical Translation Services

The medical/health industry is all about life, so the translation requires high specialization and experience of the industry. Your medical translation projects will be carried out by suitably qualified medical translators from all around the world. Quality translation is a basic need, not just a matter of luxury. Whenever you are a hospital, medical equipment manufacturers or researchers, Mars Translation offers medical/health website translation services tailored to your needs. CCJK, your best choice.

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