Highlight Business through Strong Expression and Flying Colors


Graphics is the first impact to naked eyes. Whether it is a brochure, catalog, magazine or any kind of print, its graphic layout and coloring will always be the very first thing that leaves a fixed impression on your intended audience. With pleasing graphics, you can save millions of words and easily evangelize the products or services you strive to offer. If that failed, the target audience could have a rigid bias over things you offer, and you could lose customers and revenues instead.

Logo / Business Card / Envelope / Letter Header

The harsh truth is that most newsletters are dumped into the trash bin upon the first look of the receiver at its content. To fulfill the newsletter’s pre-assigned mission, the graphic design matters.

Brochures / Flyers / Catalogs

Brochures, flyers and catalogs are vital to marketing campaigns. To stand out from your competitors, a marvelous graphic design and pleasant patterns can easily grab potential customers’ eyeballs.

Postcards / Invitations

Postcards and invitations design greatly helps the business partnership building by circulating holiday greetings and activating business interactions.

Book & Magazine Cover / CD & Album Cover

Good graphic design for covers does lead to increased sales, especially when the design is aligned with the core value that the publication is striving to convey.

Banners / Posters

Banners and posters design function as critical eye-catching tools, especially for occasions like exhibition or other gatherings of people.


Calendars could be among the fewest things that one may check every day. A graphic calendar with your corporate logo and main services you provide could be like a daily reminder to the prospects, making it an ideal business gift.


The readability of a technical manual is largely determined by its illustration. To increase such document’s comprehensibility, graphic design has its solid ground.

Newsletter Layout

The harsh truth is that most newsletters are dumped into the trash bin upon the first look of the receiver at its content. To fulfill the newsletter’s pre-assigned mission, the graphic design matters.

Graphic Design Philosophy

Most graphic designs that we do are market-driven and function to attract as many business prospects as possible. Years of serving clients’ marketing needs, we have come to the following graphic design philosophy:

Your success is our success. We are happy to take time listening to your business goals, the group of people you try to reach and the thorough idea of your services. This helps us to fully comprehend your marketing needs and set specific design norms and orientation.

Your success is our success. Being completists themselves, our designers are dedicated to the detail and strive to deliver the most aesthetic yet practical graphic designs. And we guarantee 100% satisfaction for each and every project.

Technical Expertise

File Formats Perfectly Supported
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Superb DTP Software Expertise
Adobe AcrobatAdobe FrameMakerAdobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesignAdobe Photoshop Adobe Flash
Corel DRAW Quark Xpress Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio)
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Professional Publishing Specialists

CCJK has a talented crew of graphic designers and publishing specialists that compose its professional strengths on e-book publishing projects.

Quality Assurance (QA)

CCJK has forged a streamlined QA process for e-book publishing projects that will guarantee both visual appeal to the reader and consistency in imagery and paragraph layout.

Punctual Delivery

Understanding what punctual delivery means to the client, CCJK has kept a sound record of punctuality in delivering e-book publishing projects.

Prompt Communication

Besides periodic progress reports, CCJK will assign for each e-book publishing project a dedicated Project Manager, whom the client may contact for feedback anytime.

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