Why ASL interpretation services matter

Studies show, nearly 48 million Americans are hard of hearing. And close to one million are functionally deaf.

These individuals use American sign language (ASL) to express themselves.

With ASL interpreter services, you make sure this deaf and hard of hearing community isn’t left out of important communication.

Compliance with ADA is also easy with American sign language interpreter services.

Ready to ensure equal opportunities to those with hearing disabilities? Don’t forget to hire an ASL interpreter agency, CCJK.

World-class ASL interpreters at your service

Interpreting ASL isn’t something any bilingual can pull off.

In contrast, it requires a highly-trained individual who knows how the ASL works.

At CCJK, we give you access to a team of ASL translators and interpreters who have undergone specialized training with years of hands-on experience.

When it comes to interpret ASL, our experts focus on conveying even the smallest details. They use proper signs to relay what was said. And say everything that was signed.

Tell us what you need to interpret in ASL. We feel confident to match you with the most suitable ASL sign interpreter.


Our American sign language interpreting services

CCJK offers professional ASL interpretation services for any situation. Be it onsite or live video, medical or legal interaction, we can address all your special communication challenges.

On-site ASL interpreting

On-site ASL interpreting services are the best choice when you need face-to-face communication with deaf, deafblind, or hard of hearing individuals.

CCJK has hundreds of interpreters on its team. Our ASL interpreter can reach your office, church, or any location. This way, you can effectively sidestep any communication gaps, without worrying about those technology glitches.

So, next time you need ASL interpreting for in-person interactions, think of us.

ASL video interpreting

In ASL video interpretation, an interpreter joins you through any video or virtual platform, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.

When you have to conduct online meetings or an interpreter can’t just visit your office, you can opt for an ASL video interpreter to facilitate communication with deaf people.

Our qualified ASL interpreters are always there to support you. They can deliver American sign language interpretation for seamless communication. All you need to have is a high-speed internet connection.

Medical ASL interpreting

You want to provide equal medical care to all the patients. This includes deaf-mutes and hard of hearing persons who visit your hospital. So, you must also hire an ASL medical interpreter when considering other interpreting solutions.

At CCJK, we can help you find one. Our medical ASL interpreters don’t just have bilingual competency but also a deep knowledge of the medical stuff. This allows them to ease communication between doctors and deaf patients effectively.

Legal ASL Interpreting

Need ASL interpretation for legal and courtroom proceedings? CCJK can help. We’re a professional ASL interpreter agency with highly-skilled legal interpreters who are well-versed in American sign language and legal terminology.

By using our ASL legal interpretation, you can remove language barriers across any legal setting, from police interrogations to attorney client meetings, mediations, and more. Your legal ASL interpreter will help you accurately convey information to and from deaf or hard of hearing people.

Education ASL interpreting

In the United States, about 3 million school-age children suffer from some kind of hair loss. If your institute provides education for such hearing impaired students, you need our education ASL interpretation services.

Our American sign language interpretation services ensure you have the interpreting solution you need in classrooms, lectures, seminars, workshops, and more.

Work with us today to find an ASL sign interpreter for your education needs. Our ASL interpreters will adapt their style to provide an extra caring touch that suits the age and level of your students.

Conference ASL interpreting

Are you going to manage a conference? While you’re thinking about lighting, microphones, sitting arrangement, and all that, you can’t ignore the need for interpreting for those attendees who might have hearing problems.

CCJK is here to help ensure everyone in your audience gets to hear from their favorite speakers. We can send ASL interpreters to your conference and convention, or you can request our video ASL interpreting if it’s a virtual setting. This way, every attendee makes the most of your event.

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Our ASL interpreter joins you at your scheduled time and setting to help you out with ASL sign language.


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