“We Media” in the Future: Advertising = Content?


由于移动互联网终端屏幕大小的限制,特别是移动互联网用户体验习惯的养成,传统的 PC 互联网时代的展示类广告,特别是广告和内容严格区分的广告形式,一方面因为广告占据屏幕影响用户体验,另外一方面又因为广告插入导致用户体验流畅性的被打破,带来的必然是产品用户体验质量下降,必然反过来影响这个产品的用户喜好度。 Limititation of the mobile screen size, Users’ terminal and particularly usage habits, traditional display advertisings in PC Internet era, especially those have a strict distinction between advertisings and contents, all these have reduced the experience quality of users greatly from two points: on one hand, advertising occupies the screen and affects user experience, and on the other hand, advertising directly influences the fluency of user experience. As a result, these will affect users’ preference inevitably.

移动互联网的天生特性,催生未来移动终端内容提供过程中,广告直接融入内容。即直接植入内容,而不是采取任何占据屏幕空间的展示广告,亦或影响用户体验的弹出广告,亦或是与用户体验优化相悖的文字链接广告。 In the future, based on the innate characteristics of mobile Internet, the advertising on mobile terminals will be directly integrated into contents. Display advertising that occupies screen space, pop-up advertising that influences user experience, or text link advertising that is against optimization will not be used then.

广告这个社会文化传播领域的重要主体随着互联网产业的发展也在不断自我进化,从最开始的简单信息广告到创意广告,从文字广告到图形广告到多媒体广告,从直接有形信息传播到无形价值观传播,从广告与内容分离一并传播到广告与内容融合的一体传播,广告进化过程呈现多样化特征。 As an important role in social culture communication, advertising has constantly made progress with the development of the Internet industry. The progress process of advertising has shown diversified characteristics: from simple information at the beginning to creative advertising, from text advertising to graph and media type, from direct tangible information communication to the intangible values, from simultaneous communication with separated advertising to the integrating one.

当下,视频网站的广告呈现方式简单粗暴,几乎所有的广告都是以贴片广告的模式,形式上呈现内容和广告分离的传播模式,是一种类唱片模式的广告运营模式,虽然饱受诟病,但是由于内容生产和广告展示分别从属内容生产方和内容运营方,必然导致广告和内容的自然分离,并且这种模块化的模式也为内容和广告的自由组合提供了方便,广受主流视频网站的欢迎。 Nowadays, advertising on the video sites are presented simply and purposely. Almost all of these are pre-movie adverts, showing the communication model where advertising is separated from content, which is similar to the record model. Though criticized, this modular mode makes it convenient to combine advertising with content freely and is popular in main video websites, since content production and advertising presentation in this model are respectively subject to content producers and operators, which will inevitably lead to a natural separation between advertising and content.

或许未来视频自媒体的发展,更多的 UGC 视频内容的生产,亦将改变视频网站当前的商业模式根基。 Perhaps the development of we media and more UGC video content in the future would change the foundation of current video site model.

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