During this period, we once nearly loose this client because of the poor quality of our services. I tried out to get him back and gain his trust again.

At the beginning the client even said like that:

Thank you for sending the six images but I am sorry but they do not look at all like a realistic loudspeaker. Maybe it not possible to create an image that looks just like a photography so I think it best that this project is not continued and I shall pay for the time spent.

Can you please ask the IT team to work and complete our web design as soon as possible as we have been waiting over two weeks at least I think.

So I think there is a need for me to steady his emotions, I replied him like below to gain more time to solve this problem:

I sorry that the design does not meet your expectation, and I will tell the artist about your opinion in order to see if we have any best way to solve this problem perfectly.

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Then discussed with our IT team from Pakistan and get revised images of the speaker:

We did another try, please just take a look at it. It doesn’t matter whether you choose it or not, we just want to try our best to meet your expectation. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts so that we can improve our services. Thank you very much!

Luckily this time it looks better and the client became a little interested in it:

Yes, this looks much more realistic and along the lines I am looking for and it is good idea to show it in a room setting which also looks realistic. However, the resolution of the JPEG image is quite low and it is difficult to see the details when it is enlarged; the wood grain needs to show clearly and the black cloth needs to have textured effect.

The designer may have done this intentionally so that I could not ‘steal’ it; if he makes a PSD image in Photoshop that has a high resolution then he can incorporate a security feature such as blue lines that I have seen before.

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Here I just want to say that no matter how difficult it is, we can never say give up, either the client or ourselves.