Each one of us wants to go abroad to get higher education. Many parents from developing countries also want their children to go abroad and get higher education. This is because education in developing countries is according to international standards. When their children come back from foreign countries after pursuing higher education, they get good jobs easily. Just like people want certain documents to apply for a simple visa, similarly, they want academic documents to get a study visa so that they can easily get admission to top-notch universities in the US. People from around the world find US universities the best option to fulfill their academic and professional goals.

Do you want to apply for a US study visa? If yes, then let’s see what are the requirements of the US universities and what documents are required to get admission there. Before applying to US universities, first, you need to read their requirements. These requirements can be CGPA and English proficiency scores. If your CCGPA and English proficiency scores are according to their merit then you can apply for admission. Although gathering the documents seems a very hectic task, proper documents will make your entry to a US university easy without any hassle. On the contrary, incomplete documents that are not certified will reject your visa and you have to go through the entire documentation process again.

Which Documents are Required to Study in the U.S?

Forgoing abroad, first, you have to show your financial proof and then collect the educational documents that you need to submit to the university. The documents that you need to submit for studying in the US are

  • Financial proof
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Identification Card
  • University application form
  • Academic transcripts and records
  • Any additional certificates
  • Diplomas

TOEFL and IELTS Results with Required Scores

You need to be very vigilant in preparing the documents. After organizing the documents, you have to make sure that the documents that you are submitting are certified, and if they are not in the English language then they must be translated.

Translation Requirements for US Study Visas

USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is the relevant authority that receives your documents for U.S study visas. They verify your documents to check your eligibility. If these documents are not in the English language, then they need to be certified. For example, if your Academic transcripts and records are in the Chinese language then you need to submit the Chinese version along with a certified English translation for applying for US study visas.

What is Certified Translation

The American Translators Association demonstrates that a certified translation is a translation that is assigned and tested by the translator to ensure its accuracy. These translators provide state-of-the-art translation according to the best of their knowledge and competencies. This type of translation is also called Certificate of Accuracy and it is done by professional translation agencies that employ certified translators. The certification of the documents depicts that translation is done without any error. Do not go for independent translators because they will be unable to provide certification translations because of the lack of quality control procedures. The professional translation agencies are in a better position to provide certified translations because their translators are subject matter experts and proficient linguists. In addition to it, they use stringent quality control procedures

Applying for US Colleges and Universities

The students that want to apply to colleges and universities in Northern and Southern California are instructed to submit their documents in the English language. Colleges and universities want academic transcripts and records with supporting documents like financial statements and a letter of recommendation with a certified translation. In this regard, word-for-word translation is done and summaries are not accepted.

Certified Translations Required for Undergraduate Admission

The schools that provide 2 and 4 years degrees want the international candidate to provide a copy of their transcripts and certificates with the certificate of English proficiency. They examine the student’s application to check whether the student will be able to accomplish this degree or not.

Certified Translations Required for Graduate Admissions

Graduate schools in the US want international students to provide undergraduate degrees and transcripts that they got in their hometown with a certified translation. Moreover, they also demand a description of short courses that they have completed. By looking at these documents, they want to ensure that the person to whom they will give admission should have studied the same subject or not.

Certificate Translations for Ph.D. Applicants

The international students that have done their undergraduate and graduate degrees from other countries are asked to submit a copy of documents and their certified translations. The Ph.D. degree is more competitive and high. Therefore, for obtaining this degree, you provide additional documents such as research papers, letters of recommendation, and resumes. All these documents need to be certified translated.

Professional Translations for Degree Evaluations

Some universities want their global students to get their previous degrees evaluated. They don’t analyze the academic records of foreign students, rather they want their degrees to be evaluated. Degree evaluation means checking whether the degree that is done from a recognized institution is equivalent to a US degree or not. For this purpose, many universities demand that international students should provide a certified academic translation.

Can You Translate These Documents Yourself?

You can translate your own documents but you must get it stamped and signed by a certified translator. The translator that is signing your documents must have a certification letter that will indicate that the translator is proficient in the source language as well as in English. That certificate should have a translator’s full name, address, date and signature. Therefore, it is recommended to get your translation done by a reliable translation agency. This is because they know all the USCIS requirements and met all the translation requirements.

Mistakes in USCIS Documents

Did you know that any mistake in USCIS documents would get your admission case rejected? Therefore, it is essential to organize your documents properly and get it translated with certified translations.

Don’t Use Abbreviated Versions

It is stated not to use abbreviated versions related to documents while applying for studies in the US. Many government agencies don’t accept these versions. However, you can use these versions in your native country.

Important Thing To Remember

The important thing to note is that you don’t have to submit the original documents. You must keep the original documents with yourself and send them the scanned document. It is better to send your translated documents as soon as possible so that you can avoid rush fees.

Wrapping Up

Thousands of translation agencies are working across the globe. If you are looking for a certified translation service for submitting the documents to the USCIS then you should make sure that translated documents should meet all USCIS requirements. Some translation agencies know all the requirements of USCIS and provide impeccable certified translations that are accepted by the foreign authorities. It is very essential because if your documents are rejected then you need to pay more cost and your time and efforts can be wasted. Start taking information from such agencies on the internet and do check the credentials of the satisfied customer to make a rational decision.