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The language, Vietnamese, which is widely spoken by almost 90% Vietnamese people could be divided into 3 versions because of territory, Northern, Centre and Southern Vietnamese. The standard Vietnamese is the Northern Vietnamese which follows the Hanoi accent and Southern Vietnamese follows the Ho Chi Minh accent. While the centre one is not spoken widely in Vietnam. All the translators who cooperate with us are based in Vietnam, which ensuring that they can produce accurate translation tally with the culture.

Vietnamese Translation Service
CCJK, a leading Vietnamese Translation company, will strictly follow below guidelines to ensure Vietnamese translation as accurate as possible and let our client have100% satisfaction for our service:

1. We only contract with those native Vietnamese translators who studies language translation during their colleges.

2. All our Vietnamese translators are at least Bachelor’ degree and most of them are post-graduate, even PHD in the corresponding fields.

3. We will only choose those professional Vietnamese translators and editors who have much abundant experience in required area for special documents

4. After translation and editing, we will choose the third party who has engaged in translation area for at least 3 years to review the files to let the translation be top quality. That’s too say, we will implement the TEP process strictly. (Translating, Editing and Proofreading)

We also cover a wide range of Vietnamese translation like: Medical Vietnamese Translation, Business Vietnamese Translation, Technology Vietnamese Translation, and Manufacturing Vietnamese Translation. Besides the areas mentioned, we also are expertise in these fields such as the Tourism, Travelling, History areas….

Characteristics of Vietnamese translation
1. It is not a syntax error for some two-word terms in Vietnamese which could be reversed but not changing the meaning,

For example

•  insure: “bảo đảm” or “đảm bảo”

•  go together: “đi cùng” or “cùng đi”

•  residents: “cư dân” or “dân cư”

•  house: “cư gia” or “gia cư”

•  sale: “buôn bán” or “bán buôn”

•  bright moon: “trăng sáng” or “sáng trăng”

•  spread: “lan truyền” or “truyền lan”

• friends: “bạn bè” or “bè bạn”

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2. A slight change in accent could bring a total different meaning for some Vietnamese terms. Because those Vietnamese words mainly depend on the accent or the vowel, which will determine both the pronunciation and the meaning of the words.

For example:
• đinh (nail), định (intend), đính (attach), đỉnh (top), dính (sticky)

• môi (lip), mọi (every), mỗi (each), mời (invite), moi (dig)

• cân (scale), cần (need), cận (close-up), cạn (shallow), cản (prevent)

• hải (ocean) and hãi (afraid) (slightly different in pronunciation)

• hái (cut fruit), hài (funny), hại (harmful), hai (two) (different in pronunciation)

• hộp (box), hợp (similar, correctness), anh họp (assemble, meeting) (slightly different in pronunciation)

• cùi”: “bệnh cùi” (leprosy), “cùi chỏ” (elbow), “cùi ngân phiếu” (check stub)

3. There are some adjectives which only to be used for a certain type of nouns like animal, thing and subject

For example:
• “ô” is only for horses: “ngựa ô” (black horse)

• “ác” is only for chicken: “gà ác” (black chicken)

•”mun” is only for cats: “mèo mun” (black cat)

• “mực” is only for dogs: “chó mực” (black dog)

• “than” is only for crickets: “dế than” (black cricket)

•”huyền is only for hair: “tóc huyền” (black hair)

•”hắc” is only for oil: “dầu hắc” (black oil)

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