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There is no doubt that “technical translation is important, for technical and commercial translation does account for well over 90% of the world’s translation output” (Kingscott: 2002).

Unlike literary translation, technical translation requires a high level of consistency, especially as various buttons, menus, options and items are concerned. For example, to translate a “View” button as “Zobrazit” in one place and as “Prohlížet” a few lines later may confuse the reader. The consistency in terms and references is therefore highly desirable.

If the same term is translated in different ways in similar contexts, or if a translation of a reference is inconsistent with the target of the reference, such as different chapter titles, figure captions or page numbers, then the error is regarded as more severe.

Phrase inconsistency is judged less strictly. The same or similar construction in the source text translated in several different ways is judged as a less severe error. Obviously, if a text is stylistically diversified, not all such inconsistencies are errors.

What you need…

1) Translate my business documents fast and accurately

2) Localize my website to suit consumers in new global markets

3) Publish my software in dozens of foreign languages simultaneously

4) Typeset my documents in various file formats and into various languages

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What we got…

1) Professional translators who have the experience to translate everything from legal documents to product manuals

2) Our team of linguists and engineers work hand in hand to make sure your website is localized accurately to be most effective to its target region

3) Experienced project managers, linguists and programmers work together to get your software ready for new markets anywhere in the world.

4) No matter which formats or languages, our DTP experiences, based on a wide range of typesetting and graphics software, allows you to enjoy the most care-free and cost-effective experience in desktop publishing

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