In our company, CCJK, we often get some medical English translation tasks. According to our experience in so many years, there would be some skills introduced in the following text. Hope it can help you in your work.

1. Generally speaking, there are two basic standards in medical English translation-honest and fluent.

1.1. Honest

“Honest” means that the translation must be honest to the original text content without adding or deleting any content. Moreover, the translation should be honest to original text style, mood, etc. However, it is not honest if you blindly pursue the consistence with the surface structure of original text.

For example

The complains of the patient answered to the suitable manifestations of the disease.

Suitable translation: 患者的主诉回答了此病的适当表现。

Should be translated: 患者的主诉符合此病应有的表现。

1.2. Fluent

“Fluent” means language must accord with Chinese grammar criterion. The usage of words and sentences should be in keeping with Chinese habits. We should avoid unreasonable direct translation word by word, as well as being difficult understood phenomena, etc.

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For example 1

Ailment prevented him from going to the cinema.

Mistranslation: 疾病妨碍他去电影院。

Suitable translation: 他因病未去电影院。

For example 2

The medicine will make him feel better.

Mistranslation: 这药会使他感到好些。

Suitable translation: 他服这药后会感到好些。

Now, please modify the following translation.

a) The amount of sleeprequired depends upon age and health of the individual.

Mistranslation: 睡眠的需要量取决于一个人的年龄和健康。

b) Two hour passed before the patient came to.

Mistranslation: 在患者苏醒之前,两小时过去了。

The above is one part of medical English translation. The left parts will be delivered in several weeks.

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