Actually, this is my first time to write a review of a movie. Recently, there are so many things to do including things about job, house and child. I am very confused and even don’t know how to deal with all well.

Yesterday, I made myself calm and watch the film Forrest Gump again. I can remember the first time to watch the film Forrest Gump which was released by our teacher Ms. Hou in University Grade Two.

At the beginning of the film, a white feather flies in the wind with the music gradually from soft to strong. In the blue sky, the feather shining brightly seems like a beautiful angle. What wonderful and peaceful world it is! This is a beautiful beginning scene. At the end of the film, this white feather appears again, which flies over houses, fields, etc.

Forrest Gump isn’t a genius man. He is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ (below 70) and the muscle problem. Usually, people often think this kind of person can’t be successful in doing anything and even taking care of himself.

However, instead, this unlucky boy has achieved lots of incredible success. He is a football star, a war hero and finally a millionaire!

Now, let’s review these several plots.

Nearly all people except his mother looks down upon Forrest Gump. They think he is a fool. However, his mother doesn’t think so. When he is a child, his mother wants to send him to go to school. She goes to school to negotiate with the headmaster. Finally she succeeds even though she losses something.

When Jeny leaves him, he loses his direction. In his mind, there is only one thing, that’s running. He reminds running and running. We can feel that he is so sad but he never gives up. He only says one sentence: I want to go home. He is tired and should take a rest. I think home is always a bay for all of us, the same to Forrest Gump.

His mother, the only person who loves him so much, died at last. He sits next to his mother quietly. He thinks over his mother’s words, ”Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.” Maybe he understands his mother’s meaning at that time.

When he knows the little boy is his son, he is so nervous and afraid of the child’s IQ. Luckily, the child’s IQ is normal. He is very clever and lovely. From this point, we can know that Forrest Gump is so kind and unselfish. He certainly will become a great father.

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I appreciate this film Forrest Gump. In the first place, the film tells us several stories clearly in limit time. The character of persons is complex but clear. For example, Forrest Gump’s mother, she loves her child.

And she loses her body with that school headmaster in order to send her son to go to school. Forrest Gump, who seems to be stupid, is virtually seriously kind.

In the second place, this film tells us if you would like to be a happy man, you must treat yourself well, that’s to say, you must love yourself. If you take your weakness seriously, it will be worse and worse and will influence your life, work and even your health. In the third place, if you want to try something, just try your best to do it.

Only if you put your whole heart into it and don’t mind anything else, you will be successful. I believe this point without any doubt. Therefore, I certainly believe that I will be successful in our company CCJK and even in the whole Film translation field after I make efforts to improve my translation skills and speed and own plentiful experience.

Finally, I would like to say let’s be a hard-working person as Forrest Gump.

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