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Question: We are currently looking for competitive providers for DTP services, mainly MS Word, Adobe Framemaker and Adobe InDesign. Our projects extend to thousand pages and require reactive and productive DTP teams. If you offer DTP Services and are interested in working in cooperation with us, please send us your best price per hour and per page and your average daily output.

Answer: Thank you very much for your enquiry. We are very interested in this good-sized DTP project. Our competitive price ranges from €2 to €3 per page per language depending on the complexity of source document. Please note that this price includes a full DTP and QA process with 3 rounds of free modification until you are totally satisfied with the quality.

Please provide a sample page so that I can evaluate before giving our best price for this volume project. – I am sure I can give you a very competitive volume discount. We have 5 in-house DTP operators and could take 300 to 600 pages per day. The biggest FM projects we have done include Hyperion, Samsung, Miele and BMW etc. projects in the IT, consumer electronics, home appliance and automobile filed.

Specialist multilingual DTP services from CCJK

CCJK provides specialist multilingual DTP services on well configured hardware and software systems. Our specialist DTP team consists of highly experienced professionals who are familiar with every detail of DTP and the DTP process as a whole. Our DTP experts are capable of usingvarious PC and Mac based graphics and publishing software, such as FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, MS Word, MS Publisher, PhotoShop, Flash, CoreDraw, etc. With these tools, we DTP the source documentation efficiently with regard to the specific requirements of the target languages while keeping responsive to the client’s advice and suggestions on a real-time basis.

We have a well configured office LAN accessible to all clients via stable high-speed broadband connection, which, combined with a corporate FTP site, ensures fast and convenient file transmission. Every client has his own individual account, enabling the confidentiality of the clients’ information. The network-based working environment makes smooth communication between team members and clients easy and efficient.

In addition, we combine translation, editing, proofreading with DTP perfectly in a seamless manner, which enables us to integrate any incoming project into the streamlined process, ensuring excellent quality and short turnaround time.

You trust us with everything and we will manage to satisfy your needs with the utmost dedication. With this One-stop multilingual DTP service, CCJK allows you to enjoy the most carefree and cost-effective experience in desktop publishing.

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