Q&A about Voice over in CCJK

Q&A about Voice over in CCJK

What is a voiceover?
A voiceover could be regarded a production technique of recording someone’s voice for the purpose of using it in a audio or video, perhaps for CDs, DVDs, television production, film-making, theatre, presentations or website downloads, etc. This is usually used when the original sound is in a language but the audience or expected audience is the speakers of a different language.

For example, when a English financial presentation is to be showed to a potential client in Mainland China, our client would ask us to translate and voice over for the script into Mandarin Chinese.

With the help of professional voice over artists CCJK Technologies can always provide voice over services for over 90 language-pairs globally, being able to meet delivery requirements of any volume, any format, and any deadline!

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What is a voice over talent/ artist? Are they all native speakers to some specific language?
A voice over talent/ artist is the person performing the voice over and all our voice artists are native speakers. To make sure the output is in high quality, we only assign natives to particular languages.

What kinds of audio formats could you support?
We could support all common digital audio formats, which includes, wmv, wav, mp3, mp4, and some others. We could also be compatible with some physical formats, such as Cassettes, CDs, DVDs etc. We will always try our best to deliver exactly the format you want.

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