“Apple’s products are not only products, not just a culture, more of a faith.”In 2010, a fast-growing smartphone market for one year.Gartner statistics show that the first quarter of 2010, the global mobile phone sales for the ordinary 314,700,000, an increase of 17% of smartphone sales grew 48.7% year on year to 54.3 million.The second quarter, the global smart phone sales reached 61.65 million, an increase of 50%.The smart phone market growth rate is evident.

Las Vegas in early 2008, the International Consumer Electronics Show on the Intel Corporation President and CEO Paul. Otellini predicted that IT industry in the next 10 years is “the Internet in his pocket!”

iPhone, is inseparable from the promotion of 3G services and mobile clients continues to increase the storage capacity of the background.Smart phone as the next generation Internet access devices has become a trend terminals, and mobile Internet applications will be much more popular Internet applications, to provide more convenient services.

Among the many mobile platforms, rising star of Apple’s iPhone, with its stylish design and superior performance, and quickly became an important force in this market.

Apple’s App Store sales model, is in software sales channels of the great changes, which greatly reduces software developers from the iPhone, the software end-user sales process, as the iPhone, software developers and bringing benefits to both usersso that the majority of iPhone, software developers have to join them.It is reported that, as of October, Apple App Store already has over 1 million software has been downloaded 60 million times.

IPhone, software development represents a new direction for the future development area, is the current hot topic of development areas.With the increase in demand for iPhone applications, iPhone, software development and application as long as enough creativity, practical enough to be able to get good returns.

More and more developers worldwide who join them, the Chinese iPhone, software developers are not willing to exposure to outside.After several changes, iPhone finally landing in China in the fourth quarter, the news is more to mobilize the Chinese iPhone, software developers enthusiasm.

An iPhone expert said in the field of software development, software development, iPhone, school, learning the technology, it is important that foster innovation.iPhone, software developers face is constantly updated user needs, no innovative thinking, iPhone, software development can only be reduced to the machine, sooner or later be eliminated.

Hill training center in Xian Ao iPhone Recognizing this, the target will be placed on training interns to build life-long employability, this highly on the creativity of mining trainees to enable them to independently solve business experience or future practical problems may be encountered.

IPhone into China, the Chinese iPhone, ignited the enthusiasm of software developers, iPhone, also sounded the alarm for the shortage of software talents.Software development on iPhone, iPhone lovers wandering in front of mobile phone software development, hesitation hesitation at a loss, select Xian Ao Hill, brings you to the iPhone world.iPhone, software development, with a bright future and talent when the legislation.

IPhone, only a steady stream of software development engineers enter the society, China’s 3G mobile phone software development can tend to improve the industrial chain, China’s 3G mobile phone software development can be more powerful.This is an era of opportunity, it is a national mission.

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