New Company Pantry Uses Intelligent Refrigerators to Sell Fresh Foods

售卖薯片、饮料的自动食品售货机我们已经司空见惯了,不过你想过自动售货机也可以卖新鲜水果蔬菜么?初创公司 Pantry 已经把这样的想法变成了现实。

Vending machines selling potato chips and beverage are commonly seen in our daily life, but do you ever think of such a vending machine selling fresh fruits and vegetables? Now, a new company Pantry has made it come true.

Pantry 用的自动售货机并不是普通的自动售货机,而是一台台的智能冰箱。这些冰箱被放在诸如学校、医院、运动场馆等客流量较大的地点。Pantry 售货机的所有者,可以事先将新鲜健康的食品包装好,放进冰箱里,冰箱自动记录时间,保障只售卖新鲜的食物,同时会通知所有者何时应该更换新鲜的食物。冰箱上有改造过的适配的 Android 平板电脑,主要用来 RFID 刷卡支付,用户把卡放在上面即可支付。

Actually, Pantry uses intelligent refrigerators instead of ordinary vending machine. Those refrigerators are placed in such locations with a large passenger flow volume as school, hospital and gym. Owners of these refrigerators can can pack fresh foods and put then into the refrigerators which will automatically record the time those foods are put to ensure only fresh foods are sold and notify the owners to replace with fresh foods.

A modified Android pad installed on each refrigerator to support the payment by swiping card (using the RFID technology which enables users to payment with placing a card on the pad).

Pantry 的想法得到了 500 Startups 的支持,同时也吸引了 Menlo Ventures、Arsenal Venture Partners、 Lemnos Lab 等投资方的支持,共计获得了 130 万美元的种子融资。这笔钱将主要用来在医院和当地高校推广 Pantry 的智能冰箱售货机。

Pantry’s concept has been supported by 500 Startups and attracted investors such as Menlo Ventures, Arsenal Venture Partners and Lemnos Lab. So far, Pantry has obtained 1.3 million USD from seed-round financing in total to promote those intelligent refrigerators in hospitals and local colleges and universities.

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