There is a race of brands competing with each other in the global world. To stand out among this race, you need to touch the hearts of the people. Email marketing is an effective solution for reaching a wider audience. To get the best results and convince your audience to buy your products and services, multilingual email marketing is the key!


You will be amazed to know that email is the cheapest marketing channel among all the digital channels. Therefore, if you spend only dollar 1 then in return you get dollar 65. Why not take advantage of this channel.


Furthermore, if your content resonates with the target market then you take leverage from this channel. For this, you need to take the assistance of a reliable translation company. Indeed, email marketing plays a significant role in expanding your business outside the borders.

What is Email Marketing

Let’s have a start with what is email marketing. Email is an excellent medium to engage with global audiences. The content you share through email is regarding the products that you want to sell. In this way, you are educating the people to develop trust in your products and do business with you.


Thus, email marketing is sending emails regarding your products and promotions to the customers frequently so that they keep in touch with you. This sometimes becomes a difficult task because you need to send the email in a language that is understood by the customers.


Here localization and translation play an important role. Localization is an adaptation of email content according to the cultural and regional nuance.


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English has Lost its Hold

Although English is the global language and majority of people speak English next to Mandarin and Spanish. So, if you think that English is the only language to reach potential customers then you are making a big mistake. There are other languages besides English spoken in the world.


Therefore, If you keep restricted to English then you will lose a huge chunk of potential customers. Researches have shown that 70% of the world doesn’t speak English and two-thirds of internet users are non-native English speakers.


People search on google in languages other than English too. Therefore, to make your business name in the global world, you need to go for multilingual email marketing in addition to multilingual website translation.

Reach the Target Audience

At present, people receive plenty of promotional and marketing emails. Have they been noticed or are they in the junk emails? The answer is that if you don’t send an email in the customer’s native language then it will remain unnoticed and will be in the junk emails.


Therefore, you need to devise your multilingual email marketing strategy. If you send an email in a customer’s native language then they will understand your message and remember it for a longer time.


Multilingual email helps you in connecting with the target market. With a multilingual email marketing strategy, you can easily engage potential customers with your brand. What should you do to make emails understandable and memorable?


The answer is that you can use email newsletter software that can help you in creating emails in the native tongue of the customers. Don’t forget to use the appropriate cultural sequence and image in your email.

Improve Your Sales

In this era of globalization, people are more attracted to your products if they are in the language that they understand. Several types of research have shown that the majority of internet browsers are non-English speakers. If you send your emails in the language that your customers understand then you are doing an excellent job.


In this way, the potential customers will know about your brand and they decide to purchase your products. Thus, it enhances your sales. To translate your emails professionally, you can take the assistance of a reliable translation company. They can provide you impeccable email translations on time so that you can compete with your competitors.

Get Competitive Advantage

It has been observed that people attend to read emails, blogs, and websites in their native language and they prefer to shop in their native language. Therefore, you need to initiate multilingual email-marketing before your competitors.


Interestingly, this strategy will make you stay in the market. According to Common Sense Advisory, 56.2 % of the people that are surveyed preferred multilingual content more than a price.

Localization is Important

After translating the email in the target language with the help of a professional translation company, the time is to devise your multilingual marketing strategy. Therefore, you should consider the time of the day when you need to send an email.


Thus don’t assume that global customers will receive an email at the same time as in your home country. You need to give attention to cultural nuances.


There are other certain sensitive cultural elements like a translation of slogans. They should be translat accurately. Otherwise, they will fire back. The process of translation according to cultural nuances is known as localization.


Thus, localization is very important to send your intended message to the target market. Multinational companies like Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Mcdonald’s are successful around the globe. Due to the reason that they give importance to localization in marketing content.


There is no use of multilingual email marketing if it is not localized. Localization makes your brand appealing to the customers by considering their preferences.


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Enhancing Conversion Rates

To your surprise, 99% of consumers check their inboxes daily. It keeps them updated with new and old emails. Furthermore, 55% of the consumers are prone to buy products if the information is in their native language. This shows that multilingual email marketing can help you in penetrating lucrative markets.


It enhances the conversation rates immensely. Emails in the customers’ native language build a healthy relationship between the customer and your brand. Also, with time, these customers become loyal to your brand.

How to Manage Multilingual Emails

Many email management tools will help you in translating your emails into the customers’ native language. Let’s have a look at some known multilingual email marketing tools.


Do you want to translate the content of your marketing campaigns? Mail-chimp is a great choice. Although for using this tool you must have at least an author-level account.

  1. It helps to send emails to 2,000 subscribers and you can send 12,000 emails in the month so it is convenient for you if you are running a small business.
  2. You can translate your emails into multiple languages after integrating this tool with translation merge tags using Google Translate.

How to Operate

It provides two options:

Integrated to translated campaigns: It helps in the translation of content into multiple languages. It creates a list of links for the translation of the original content. Each link displays the required language.


Translation required for Individual Subscribers: It is used to provide specific translations that are based upon the target market language. These email translations are provid by the use of conditional merge tags. Thus, if you know the target language of your subscribers then you can easily translate the content of the emails.


Mail relay is part of the Spanish version of Mail Chimp and it has similar elements.

  1. It helps to send emails to 75,000 subscribers. Also, you can send emails to 15,000 subscribers per month.
  2. It provides a translation option for only activation emails and offers translation in 5 languages that are Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, English, and Spanish.
  3. You are require to register yourself with an email account that has its domain to use this tool. Outlook and Gmail email accounts are not accepted.

How to Operate

Mail relay uses a system that itself detects the recipient’s language and displays the message in the required language.

Campaign Monitor

This tool helps to manage large volumes of emails. Moreover, many marketing agencies use this tool to manage their marketing campaigns.

  1. This tool does not have a free version. With the paid version, you can send emails to up to 500 subscribers.
  2. Campaign translate provides the translation with the help of google translate technology.

How to Operate

For using this tool, you need to insert a target language in the original email. In this way, translation is done automatically and the button on the email helps to access the translate content.

Bottom Line

Multilingual email marketing is the best approach to educate and engage global customers with your brand. With effective email marketing, you can enhance conversation rates and enhance sales with minimum investment.