Mobile phones are small computers, and its processing power and desktop processing power, comparing to the standard, is very limited, but it’s enough to run a small game.At the same time it’s also a network computer which can send and receive high-speed digital data.Apart from other voice and data, they can send and receive other types of data.

A research and analysis report from CLSA shows that in the next few years, China’s mobile phone game market will be rapidly growing in the following two points: 1, CLSA telecom research team, said the penetration rate of mobile phone users in China is growing steadily, now 56% of the Chinese people have mobile phones, which is expected ,in 2014, to be close to 100%; 2,3G network and the popularity of smart phones, will give rise to a great demand for mobile applications, including mobile games.

So How is the growing of mobile phone network in China,let’s take a look:

2009-2011 three 3G operators invest 1,300 billion yuan, respectively, 1,000 billion yuan and 700 billion, three years amounted to 3,000 billion investment of 3G. But does not rule out the major operators to respond positively to the deployment of government’s stimulate domestic demand policy, and the need of competition, the pace of investment in 2009 faster than expected.

Optimistic estimates, the end of 2009, marked by large-scale users 放号, China’s telecommunications industry will enter 3G era, when the 3G will be fully commercial.

2-3 years later, 3G users will enter a peak period of development and migration of 2G users to 3G users the height of the expected five years there will be half of the 3G mobile users to become customers; the development of 3G in China will greatly promote the development of global 3G , 2009 will be following the 2007, the global development of another acceleration period.

This was the report of 3G network 2 years ago, according to this report, 2011 will be a big time for mobile game.So how is it now?

There are several possible factors restricting the development of the game. One is the diversity. I do mobile games also have 4-5 years time, the process in the market, although the market has great growth, but in the past 3-5 years we think that can really play mobile games, mobile games and opening the terminal on the decline.

I also remember playing in 4,5 years ago that about the game, then open Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and others can play them. Now Nokia has to maintain his market share, but Motorola, Samsung’s market share has been eroded away to the terminal IT. This is a terminal phenomenon….

With the rapidly development of China’s 3G mobile network,the mobile game industry will seeing its rapidly development.

China is a huge market,you have a Chinese version game?

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