Increase Your Downloads with Mobile App Localization

This is the age of mobile applications—an age marked by leaps in the digital industry. But while this digital age has opened doors for many companies, it has given rise to the intense competition where new as well as old players are clamoring to get their apps noticed.

The one thing that these app developers are truly after is downloads.

If you are a mobile app developer, you must have your eyes set on the global market. But in order to gain a respectable position in this rapidly-shifting market, you need to have lots of downloads for your applications. One of the truly amazing and remarkable strategies that you can employ to get that share of the mobile app market is to localize your app according to the target market.

Here are the many benefits of mobile app localization and some very useful tactics you can use to get downloads for your mobile app in the global market.

Mobile App Localization—the Benefits

Mobile app localization is the process of translating your apps according to the preferences of the target market. This simply means making sure your app is available worldwide—and here lies the real challenge. Making your app available globally involves ‘adapting’ it to fit the needs of the global markets and that adaptation includes changing its features, of which language is the foremost one.

According to some statistics, localizing an app can result in 128% more downloads and a leap of 26% increase in revenues. There are countless examples of companies that have successfully made a name for themselves in the world of mobile applications through localization.

Take for instance Candy Crush Saga, Twitter, Facebook, and Clash of Titans—all of these companies went a step ahead of the others by ensuring their apps catered to the languages of the global mobile app users. By making their apps available globally, these companies were able to secure that much sought-after spot in the eyes of customers who continue to increase with each passing day.

Mobile app localization is not a difficult task, provided that you have the proper investment and the right localization partner to break the cultural and language barriers of the target markets. The challenges of mobile app localization are few as compared to the innumerable benefits that it has to offer.

1. Higher downloads, Higher Revenues

Mobile app localization opens doors for greater downloads which ultimately leads to more profits and a hike in revenue for the company. A localized mobile application means it will be available in a variety of languages that the target audience can relate with and the greater are the chances of revenue collection.

2. Targeting the ‘right’ audience

One of the perks of mobile app localization is that you get to experiment with the audience. With your localized app, you can easily gauge which audience is best suited for your app and which is not. For instance, a social media app is likely to attract a young audience than the elderly one.

3. Impact on the New Markets

A localized app is likely to make an impact on a brand new market than an old one. This holds true, since a new market is more receptive to an app that has been introduced in it. This can ultimately result in strengthening your brand position in the global market. Moreover, if your app is present in the local language, users are much more likely to go the extra mile to download and share app ideas with their peers, making your app stand out from the rest.

Ways to Increase Downloads with Mobile App Localization

Although it might seem like a difficult task, mobile app localization is actually easy to achieve, provided you have the right localization tools and plan to carry out the process. In the app localization process, it is always better to work on a mobile app localization strategy from the beginning as it will not only save precious time, it will also lessen the efforts and costs incurred in localization in multiple languages.

Here are a few pointers on how you can ensure more downloads with your mobile app localization.

1. Decide which country to target

In case your mobile app is already available on the app store, you can analyze which country or region is showing more traffic and greater downloads. Narrowing down the area will help you get more focused on your localization strategy. In case you are unable to pinpoint the region, observe which regions your competitors are targeting and work on those areas.

2. Analyze which languages to localize into

Choose the language that is spoken by a majority of speakers in the target market. Analyze who is downloading your apps more and translate your app into the native language of the speakers. This will keep them engaged with your app more. Other than that, it is best to opt for languages used by paid users as that would earn you higher revenues.

3. Get your app ready for the App store

After your app is ready for the app store, take a look at the name of your application—does it relate to the target audience? Opt for translation of the app description in a way that the end-user gets the impression of interacting with the native language app. In case of videos and images, ensure that the content is adapted to the target market and is not offensive in any way. Additionally, focus on the font style, colors, and shapes to make your app suited for the target market.

The Last Word

The changing world of technology demands a more customized and adapted approach that is best achieved with localization. This is the reason why companies should opt for mobile app localization in a way that the target customer can relate to the app and download it. However, in the process of localization, there are various challenges associated with the whole process, such as the risk of not being able to localize it fully according to the target market. This is why it is imperative to hire an expert translation and localization industry that would make your localization journey an easy and smooth one, as any error in localization can cost you more than just the loss of customers.

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