Here are several sentences of medical translation that I came across during translating and editing. I am posting them here for everyone’s reference.

1) Oropharyangeal dysphagin following stroke affects up to 30000 patients inthe UK annually, placing each of them at risk of serious complications in particular, aspiration pneumonia and malnutrition.

英国每年有3 万名患者在卒中后发生咽喉部吞咽困难,伴有严重的并发症。

Comment: Literal translation of “Placing each of them at risk of serious complications” is “他们每个人都处于严重的并发症危险中”, but it would be more fluent when translate to “伴有严重的并发症”.

2) In view of the history of migraine with aura preceding bilateral parieto2occipital infarcts and the elevated blood and CSF lacate concentrations,a needle muscle biopsy was done. Histochemical analysis showed that 10 % of muscle fibres had a “raggedred ” appearance.

在双侧顶枕梗死前,由于有先兆的偏头痛发作史及血和 CSF 乳酸浓度增高,因此需行肌活检。组织化学分析显示10 % 肌纤维呈碎红。

Comment: Here it would be easily misunderstood as: 由于周期性偏头痛有双偏顶枕梗死、血和 CSF 乳酸浓度增高的先兆,所以患者血组织化学分析显示肌纤维10 % 呈鲜红色。

3) . . . with a 24h history of right2sided headache preceded by teichopsia and variable scotomata.

Original Translation: 伴随先前有闪光暗点和随时变化的暗点的 24 小时右侧头痛。

Revised Translation: 以闪辉暗点和反复不定的暗点为先兆的右侧偏头痛发作24 小时。

4) Blood screening for the A3243G mutation may give false2negative results. Many patients with pathogenetic mt DNA mutations have a mixture of mutant and wild2type mt DNA within each cell (heteroplasmy) , and as a result, they have different concentrations of mutant mt DNA in different organs.

Original Translation: A3243G 转变的血荧光屏检查结果可能为假阴性,许多 mtDNA 转变患者,不同器官里有不同浓度的转变mtDNA,而且在每个细胞里有野生型mtDNA 。

Revised Translation: A3243 点突变血液筛选可能为假阴性,许多患者发病的线粒体 DNA 突变有各种突变物(在每一个细胞里)。其结果不同器官里线粒体 DNA 突变含量不同。

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5) We implanted two patients with paraplegia with 122channel stimulators of the roots L2 -S2 bilaterally.

Original Translation: 我们用根L2-S2 两侧 12 条电刺激器对 2 名截瘫患者进行移植。

Revised Translation: 我们在2 名截瘫患者的两侧腰 2-骶 2 神经根植入 12 道刺激器。

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