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Are you in need of a Medical Translation Service?

Are you annoyed at finding the best qualified and trustworthy translation agency?

CCJK is right here, with our dedicated and professional translators and editors specialized in medical translation, ready for providing the best translation service experiences for you.

CCJK is a professional translation agency. We have a number of experienced translators skillful with various kinds of medical documents, such as prescriptions, medical records, informed consent, Medicine Operation Instructions, Medical equipment specifications, and so forth. They have handled a large number of medical materials for our customers.

We are committed to providing expert medical translation services. By choosing us, you will never get disappointed.

Medical and Pharmaceutical translation should never be taken for granted. It is a fine art that needs to be precise and concise. You can never neglect any tiny part or translate some words mistakenly. Any neglect or mistake could result in serious damage or death. Thus, it can only be carried out by professional and qualified translators.

Therefore, we only use translators who graduated with a medicine or biomedical major. They may be doctors, pharmacists or biomedical engineers. They are not only excellent in medical fields but also talented in languages, to ensure that each sentence or word is translated exactly.

One without any medical background can not grasp the exact meaning of medical materials. And within this field, it can be subdivided into many categories, such as Anesthesia, Biostatistics, Cardiology, Dentistry, Diagnostics, Electro diagnosis, Endoscopy, Endocrinology, Medicine, Prosthetics, and Toxicology.

Although those above-mentioned all belong to the medical field, they are so different in translation. One who doesn’t know the exact expert language and is good at languages can not submit a satisfactory translation report. That’s why we choose translators seriously for clients.

We have processed a number of medical pieces so far and get lots of appraise from clients. That’s not enough; we will do it and do it better.

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We have a Series of Processes.

Firstly, the project managers will review and find out what kind of material it is, which subdivision it belongs to, when the deadline is, which translator best qualified is, and so on. Then, they will arrange the right person and appropriate schedule, and check progress from time to time, get to know whether it is smoothly processed.

Secondly, the translators get the translating pieces and begin to work on it. When they have come across something obscure, they will write queries and ask the clients for explanation or acknowledgments, in order to guarantee the quality.

Thirdly, when the translator hand in the translated pieces, editors will check not only the preciseness but also the language styles.

Fourthly, we will arrange proof editors to proofread the whole pieces of translation materials.

The translation works will be returned to the clients on time. Whenever you have any objections or dissatisfactory, you can call or email us. We will arrange the corresponding personnel to settle the problem for you without any hesitation.

Your satisfaction is our biggest drive.

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