Medical English Translation Skills(1):Omission

As a medical English major, I had collected a lot of materials related to this field.  When I was in the university, I tried to conclude some rules to translate medical articles under my teachers’ help. Maybe my understanding of this area is still superficial, but I hope it can promote us to explore more on this aspect.

Omission is one of the important methods when translating medical texts, due to the differences between English and Chinese.

It can be divided into five categories: a. Omission of Articles; b. Omission of Pronouns; c. Omission of “it”; d. Omission of Prepositions; e. Omission of Conjunctions.

a. Omission of Articles

Fever per se is not usually of  any significant danger to the child, provided that the increased insensible water loss is replaced.


The child was delivered, but lifeless. As the obstetrician gazed at the still form, a shiver of horror passed over her.


b. Omission of Pronouns

Achilles reflex is carried out most satisfactorily when the patient kneels on a chair and extend his feet and ankles over the edge.


The surgeon opened the abdomen and, after examining it carefully, found an adhesion of the ulcerous part to the intestinal loops.


c. Omission of “it”

It is most clear that anesthetist’s obligation is to insure an open airway at all times, from the moment of introduction, through the recovery of consciousness.

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d. Omission of Prepositions

A few years ago Andrew Schally of the Veterans Administration Hospital in New Orleans isolated and synthesized LH-RH , a chemical capable of being an oral contraceptive


e. Omission of Conjunctions

When glycogen estimations and the study of glycolytic enzyme system are required, a piece of muscle should be placed in liquid nitrogen immediately after removal from the patient.


Although modern medicine has made tremendous advances, cancer is still one of the most dangerous disease.


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