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CCJK, a top-line TRANSLATION and LOCALIZATION team in China, is built up by 40+ in-house translators and editors along with a native Malayalam reviewer, aiming to provide our client all over the world with excellent translation service

We are a leading Malayalam Translation company, will strictly follow below guidelines to ensure Target translation as accurate as possible and let our client have100% satisfaction for our service:

1. We only contract with those native Malayalam translators who studies language translation during their colleges.

2. All our Malayalam translators are at least Bachelor’ degree and most of them are post-graduate, even PHD in the corresponding fields.

3. We will only choose those professional Malayalam translators and editors who have much abundant experience in required area for special documents

4. After translation and editing, we will choose the third party who has engaged in translation area for at least 3 years to review the files to let the translation be top quality. That’s too say, we will implement the TEP process strictly. (Translating, Editing and Proofreading)

We also cover a wide range of Vietnamese translation like: Medical Vietnamese Translation, Business Vietnamese Translation, Technology Vietnamese Translation, and Manufacturing Vietnamese Translation. Besides the areas mentioned, we also are expertise in these fields such as the Tourism, Travelling, History areas….

Malayalam, which is spoken by 35,700,000 people in south of India, is one of the 22 Indian official languages. The meaning for the term “Malayalam” in Malayalam language is human beings. So from another point of view, we will see Malayalam language is a peaceful and harmony language.

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Let us have a look at the vowels of Malayalam.


Short Long
Front Central Back Front Central Back
Close /i/ ഇ i /ɨ̆/ * ŭ /u/ ഉ u /iː/ ഈ ī /uː/ ഊ ū
Mid /e/ എ e /ə/ * a /o/ ഒ o /eː/ ഏ ē /oː/ ഓ ō
Open /a/ അ a /aː/ ആ ā

*/ɨ̆/ is not an independent vowel, which means that it should be used with the consonant and never occurs at the beginning of the words. If it follows the consonant, there will be many ways of representing. Nowadays, it is written in two different ways, one is the northern style (also called chandrakkala style) and the other is southern style (also called Travancore style)

Malayalam also has loanwords and it is borrowed from the Sanskrit diphthongs of /äu/ (represented in Malayalam as ഔ, au) and /ai/ (represented in Malayalam as ഐ, ai), although it frequently occurs only in Sanskrit loanwords. Traditionally (as in Sanskrit), four vocalic consonants (usually pronounced in Malayalam as consonants followed by the savr̥tōkāram, which is not officially a vowel, and not like actual vocalic consonants) have been classified as vowels: vocalic r (ഋ, /rɨ̆/, r̥), long vocalic r (ൠ, /rɨː/, r̥̄), vocalic l (ഌ, /lɨ̆/, l̥) and long vocalic l (ൡ, /lɨː/, l̥̄). Except for the first word, the other three words have been deleted from the current script used in Kerala as there are no words in current Malayalam languages.

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