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For the successful global reach of your pioneering invention, a cutting-edge approach is needed. CCJK, a patent translation company, makes your global expansion dreams come true. Unlock global intellectual property protection by breaking language barriers with us. We specialize in certified patent translation services, and our ISO-certified translators are not just multilingual, but also fluent in the intricate language of patents. Partner with CCJK to maximize the potential of your inventions and get precise patent translations.

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100% Confidentiality and Security Guaranteed

Worried about confidential patent translations? We prioritize transparency and have established a secure translation management system to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your legal documents. You can monitor the whole translation procedure and ensure that your confidential information is in safe hands. We guarantee confidentiality with a rigorous process that includes end-to-end encryption and the immediate disposal of data right after completion. Get a 100% secured patent translation service now!

Secure Your Patent Rights Globally

Comprehensive Patent Translation Services for Any Business

At CCJK, we cater to your diverse needs and provide patent translation services for a wide range of industries in multiple languages. Regardless of the industry, acquire specialized translation now!

Market Expansion
Design Patent

Get a secure translation for the seamless reach of your unique brand aesthetics across borders.

Increased Sales
Medical Patents

Secure international protection for your innovative medical equipment and devices with accurate and nuanced medical patent translation.

Enhance Your Branding
Chemical Patents

Get a clear and concise translation of your chemical patents to protect your groundbreaking chemical formulas.

Regulatory Compliance
Software Patent

Secure intellectual property rights with an accurate translation that accurately reflects your software’s functionality.

Enhance Your Branding
Mechanical Patents

Eliminate confusion and expedite international recognition of your inventions with clear translations of mechanical patents.

Regulatory Compliance
Electronic Patents

Guarantee global understanding of your electronic patent descriptions with clear and precise translations.

Patent Translations by Subject Matter Expert Translators

Safeguard your inventions globally with CCJK’s professional patent translation services! Our seasoned patent translation specialists are native linguists and subject-matter experts with years of hands-on experience. They provide flawless translation that meets international intellectual property (IP) standards. Their experience with the technical nuances of patents helps them translate efficiently and handle complex projects with ease. Scale seamlessly in global markets by choosing our secure and accurate patent translations.

Get Expert Translations for International Patents

CCJK is Your Reliable Patent Translation Agency

Are you looking for a professional patent translation agency you can rely on? Look no further than CCJK for certified and standard translations.


Expert Legal Translators

Your legal documents are handled by a team of seasoned patent translation specialists with in-depth knowledge of legal systems worldwide and complex legal terminology across languages.


Budget-Friendly Translations

We understand your needs and tailor a solution that fits your budget. We tailor your translation services to ensure a successful global reach without burning a hole in your pocket.


Fast Delivery

We offer flexible options to fit your project timelines. Our efficient workflow ensures your documents go through translation smoothly, and delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe.


Quick Response Time

We understand that legal matters can arise unexpectedly. In need of a quick answer or a quote, our dedicated team gets back to you promptly, addressing your inquiries efficiently.

Premium Quality Patent Translation In 230+ Languages

CCJK provides premium patent application translation services in more than 800 language pairs, ensures flawless communication, and protects your legal rights in international markets.

Professional Patent Translations within your Budget

Meet Our Team of Linguists

Dr. Elizabeth Lee

With 4.5 years of experience, Lee combines technical expertise in computer science with linguistic proficiency. She specializes in translating patents related to software, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Sophia Watanabe

With expertise in translating Japanese patents into English, Sophia has 7 years of experience. She has a deep understanding of Japanese technical terminology and cultural nuances.

Mr. Ivanov

Ivanov specializes in translating patents between German and English, with a strong understanding of engineering and scientific terminology used in patents. He has 9 years of experience in patent translation.

Mr. Tanaka

Tanaka specializes in translating patents related to medical devices and healthcare technologies. He has a deep understanding of the medical field and ensures translations are accurate and meet regulatory requirements.

Evelyn Schmidt

Experienced in translating patents from English to German and vice versa. Schmidt has a strong understanding of German legal terminology and ensures translations are compliant with German patent law.

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frequently asked questions


Yes! CCJK understands the importance of adhering to specific patent office formatting requirements. We cover a wide range of industries. Each project is assigned to an industry-specific translator well-versed in the formatting guidelines of various regions’ filing requirements. They understand the potential legal complexities and customer requirements and translate patents accordingly.

The answer is yes! At CCJK, our team has highly skilled translators with hands-on experience with various file formats commonly used for technical drawings, e.g., DXF, JPG, JPEG, DWG, and more. Our primary focus is maintaining the clarity and accuracy of the original drawings in the translated version. Moreover, we utilize various methods to achieve this, such as overlaying translated text directly on the drawings or providing a separate legend with translated annotations.

Absolutely. Our legal translators are specialists in claim-set translation. With their broad experience, they understand the delicate balance between legal intent and accuracy. We carefully analyze each claim element to ensure the translated version preserves the legal nuance and scope of your invention across languages.

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