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Bahasa Melayu belongs to the Malay-Polenisian branch of South Island language in the sort of languages, which is used mainly in Malay and the surrounding islands of Malay, such as Thai, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, part sites of Indonesian Sumatera, and so on. In Malay, this language is spoken widely by 13,000,000 populations as the native language, with the rate of 52% in total.

With the rapid development of economy and politics in Malay, more and more information in Malay are shared with peoples in other countries around the world. And people in this globe especially those European and American experts in developed countries are now focusing on the current events happened in South Asia, including Malay, Thai, and Singapore. So abundant Malaysian files and exhibitions are translated and interpreted into other languages like English, Chinese, Japanese, aiming to conveying the information of Malay.

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Bahasa Malay, also called Malaysian, has the same characters in basic vocabulary, pronunciation, tense and sentential forms with the Indonesian. The difference between these two languages is just like the British English & American English and German & Austria. There are 6 monophthongs, 3 diphthong and 24 consonants with 6 loan words.

Most words in Malaysian originate from Sanskrit and Arabic. Almost Malay words are made from 2 syllables and roots, by derivative terms generated by the prefix, infix and suffix. For nouns, there are no changes of property, numbers and forms. We can use the overlap methods to express plural forms or other grammatical meanings.

Syntactic relations are expressed by the functional words and words order. And the basic structure of the sentence is like this, Subjective—Predicate—Objective, and the attribute is placed in the front of nouns, while adverbials follow the verbs.

Let us have a look at some Malay words:

欢迎—Selamat datang

你好—Selamat pagi

你好吗?— Apa khabar?
我很好, 谢谢. 您呢?—Khabar baik, terima kasih. Awak pula bagaimana?

好久不见了—Sudah lama tidak berjumpa

你叫什么名字?—Siapa nama anda?

你是哪国人?—Dari mana asal saudara?

很高兴见到你—Selamat berkenalan

请再说一遍 Tolong ulang sekali lagi

早上好—Selamat pagi

下午好—Selamat tenga hari

晚上好—Selamat petang

晚安—Selamat malam

再见—Selamat tinggal,Selamat jalan,Sampai jumpa lagi

祝您好运—Selamat Maju Jaya! (go forward and victory)

干杯/祝您健康—Sihat selalu!

祝你愉快—Semoga hari anda baik sahaja

祝你一路顺风 Selamat jalan!

圣诞快乐—Selamat Hari Natal

新年愉快—Selamat Tahun Baru

生日快乐—Selamat hari jadi / Selamat hari lahir

To assure the top quality and let the target language as accurate as possible, we will let the native and professional translators, editors and proofreaders to handle the translation job. And we will classify those translators according to the fields.

That is too say, for those law and contract files, we will choose the translators who have much experience in law and contract field, such as the telecommunications, IT, technologies, and some other fields.

After Malay Language translation and editing, we will process the QA tools to avoid any lower mistakes, such as missing translation, inconsistency and so on.

To sum up, we will try our best and make full use of our resources in database to offer accurate and high-quality translation in specified deadline.

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