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Why we need localization?
Since China joined WTO, the level of opening up continuing improvement, the communication and cooperation between various industries and outside world becoming more and more frequent, the related foreign materials, websites, software need docking with local culture and environment. Then localization industry emerged last century 90’s as new industry.

Localization service supplier can eliminate the culture diversity and language barrier, result in more customers and sales for developer.

What’s the difference between translation and localization?

First, let’s see how these two concepts are defined. In Dictionary.com, translation is defined as the rendering of something into another language or into one’s own from another language.

And localization is defined as where you will take an item or something you need and adapt it, the things you will adapt can be the language, culture or what you need in your local area.

Now we can see the difference, translation is all about language, but localization is more than language, we can say translation is just a part of localization.

For example, in website localization, it’s not just translating the words, but also adjusting the website’s layout, search engine, and so on to adapt local custom.

How about the current situation of localization?

Main contents:
At present, the main jobs of localization contain three aspects: website, software and multimedia.

For website, the content of big website are changing almost every day – new features, product release, marketing activities and so on, and in the global economics, a website requires multi-languages to attractive more internet users.

The localization of website is not only translation, but also need global market and local knowledge, excellent term management pan and high-class workflow. To make the website not only “speaks” local language, but also reflects local custom, idiom and standard.

For software, high quality software localization service can strengthen the competitive power of software provider to local companies, reduce expensive customer support requirements.

For multimedia, accompany with the development of computer technologies, emerging various kinds of document forms, therefore it requires use desktop publishing tools to handle these documents, make sure the localization document form and the original document form stay the same.

According to Translation Association of China, China own more than 3,000 registered translation and localization companies, but the number of employees under 10 in 90% of these companies, and only 2% among them own the real ability to provide localization service. As lack of industry specifications and standards, the competitions among these companies are fierce and wretched.


The full time translators and editors continuing increased in recent years, but most of them engage in the industry by part time job. Speaking of translation job, we will consider it as a brain work, but as a matter of fact, it is also a manual labor work, translator should sit in front of the computer most of the day, and working overtime is common. The treatment is not good, most translators feel the gain is not proportional to the pay.

To be an excellent localization staff, one should have remarkable language ability and cross-culture communication consciousness, also aware of certain marketing and information skills, especially translation tools and engineering skills. Additional, localization project often is a teamwork job, one should own strong sense of responsibility, communication and coordination, as well as good pressure resistance.

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Founded in the year 2000, over more than ten years of development, CCJK has been widely recognized as a distinguished translation and localization service provider, dedicated to meet the most challenging requirements in the following subject areas: IT, finance, telecom, manufacturing, tourism, healthcare.

We know only comprehensive understand the localization service connotation and requirements of customers, can result in outstanding service. We have a strict workflow to ensure the quality of delivery, and over the past years we have successfully collaborated with a large number of valued and well-known customers from all over the world, such as GE Healthcare, X-Rite, HP, PIONEER Investments and so on. We are glad that you will be appear on the customer list, let us be part of your success. More information about CCJK, please visit www.ccjk.com.

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