With the increasing globalization of China, the Chinese people need to be more international for their future career or social life. Speaking English fluently can definitely help people be more international.

However, in my opinion, being international means more than speaking English well. We learn a language in order to communicate, to connect people and understand them, we need to know their culture as well. Effective practice and better culture understanding are as important as studying grammar and vocabulary.

Based on this market requirement, there are so many English Training institutions (Englishtown, Wall Street, Web .etc) offer all kinds of English training (online, Virtual Classroom, in-person training) for charging such a high training fee.

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I have a very recommendable way of learning English or other languages to be mentioned here.

To know the different culture well, we can leverage the powerful internet, we can learn a lot on Google (www.google.com) every day.

Also we can make some Language Exchanges from internet (such as, Language Exchange Online Community, fluentfuture.com, Facebook) Learn other languages for free meeting other members and teaching each other, we can find a partner at the online community and practice the second language (any language) with a native speaker who is learning your language. They host our online practice with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more. Make foreign friends and learn English.

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Better do it now before you get to old, sign up these similar websites as soon as possible, simply fill in your Native Language, your Seeking Language, and starting the road of learning English for free. Making foreign friends while learning English, I would be only too glad to do it!

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