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All in One Professional Subtitling Services

If you want to make your videos available for a global audience, it is essentially important to break the language barrier and get your message across borders in their language. With CCJK subtitling service, you can get contextual subtitles in any language you want for any industry. We provide flawless subtitles and integrate cultural nuances to provide localized solutions.

Our range of subtitling services include:

  • Film and Television Subtitling Services
  • Broadcast Subtitling Services
  • Corporate Video  Subtitling Services
  • Advertising Subtitling Services
  • Animation Subtitling Services
  • Elearning and Online training Subtitling Services
  • Documentary Subtitling Services
  • Youtube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion Subtitling Services
  • Games Subtitling Services
  • Webinars Subtitling Services
  • Radio Commercials Subtitling Services

Localized Subtitling Services

Our subtitling experts pay special attention to contextual meaning and provide localized subtitles for ensuring an enhanced user experience. We prepare your videos for global marketplaces and provide impeccable subtitles in any language you want.

Localization is crucial in subtitling services. We know how to integrate cultural implications and use appropriate vocabulary to avoid any potential inconvenience for the viewers. Our experts are well aware of the cultural sensitivities and regional preferences and deliver truly localized results. We have native subtitle translators for providing localized translations to ensure they deliver the same meaning and maintain the tone of the original content. 

Multilingual Subtitling Services for global Access

Planning to outreach new markets? Wish to cover more geographical regions and grab the attention of worldwide audiences? Our professional subtitling services can be of great help. Dramas, files and different entertainment shows are seen all over the world. By providing subtitles in different languages, you can tap into a range of markets and expand your viewership with ease. Whether you need your English subtitles translated into any other language or its the other way round, we are capable of providing the best results for both. We have native experts for more than 120 different languages that are spoken across the world.  

Here at CCJK, we provide seamless subtitling services in more than 2000 language pairs. For each pair, we have hired native translators who are well aware of the regional sensitivities and provide localized and flawless subtitles by considering all cultural aspects into consideration.

Professional Subtitlers for All Industries

For providing you with consistent and accurate subtitles for all your visual content, we have onboarded subject matter experts who are highly experienced and know the industry-specific terminologies. We provide impeccable subtitles for all types of visual content, no matter what your relevant industry is. From simple educational videos to complex medical and tech-related videos, we provide accurate subtitles for all in your desired languages.

Our multilingual subtitling services cover over 22 different industries including film and entertainment, education, advertisement and many more. 

Whether you want subtitles in one language or more, we have specialized personnel to meet and exceed your expectations.   

High-Quality Subtitles in a Fast Turnaround Time

Quality is our priority and therefore, we never rely on automated solutions and voice recognition tools. Our top-class services are powered by human transcribers and translators and we ensure consistency and accuracy. Services offered by native professionals minimize the chances of error and ensures high-quality results for foreign language subtitles.

In order to maintain high accuracy, we duly check the subtitles and sync the video-subtitle timings. Thus, if you need articulate and perfectly synced video captions, CCJK is the right choice for you. 

Multiple Subtitle Formats to Meet Your Needs

It is critically important to choose the appropriate subtitle format for your project as per the requirements of the broadcaster or service provider. For instance, some need subtitles in STL format for their broadcasting project while some require subtitles in SSA format for their online media content. Here at CCJK, we cover a range of formats and provide accurate subtitles in any format you want. Some times, some clients require subtitles in more than one format for displaying on different platforms. We are there to provide you desirable results in as many formats as you want. Some of the formats we cover include:

  • SRT
  • TTML
  • ASS
  • PAC
  • AYA
  • PSB
  • CIN
  • USF
  • ULT
  • ST4
  • TIT
  • CIP
  • AYA
  • CAP

If you are in search of professional subtitling services in a rapid turnaround, CCJK is a reliable choice. Our extended network of native and specialized personnel work with dedication and provide perfectly timed and customized solutions to ensure a user-friendly experience for your audience. 

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