So my friend had finally planned a solo trip; but all she could say was “what if they don’t speak English?”

Nothing I said calmed her down till I told her “they used signs before words and ultimately languages were invited”. I mean come on who would want to NOT-travel because they didn’t know so many languages? We live in the 21st century and if cavemen could do without languages, so can we!! So pack your bags and get ready to travel to all those places where they don’t speak English!

I am not saying you won’t need to know the language of the place you are traveling to. You might need to have a map translated into your language and have information about a taxi service that comprehends your language.

Pro Traveler Tips:

When you have planned to travel to a place where culture and language are different and new to you; some pro traveler tips can come in handy.

1: Learn to say the basics:

At least learn to say please, thank you, hello, ask directions for hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

2: Body language to communicate:

Use signs or gestures to communicate your message. Be careful, because some gestures can be offensive in some cultures…which is why learn to say “sorry” in the native language to avoid the insult.

3: Information translated into the local language:

Your important information must be translated in local language; in case of emergency, locals can use it to contact the concerned person or family. Remember to get the address of your stay, telephone number, your blood group, allergies if any, your name and emergency contact person’s information to be translated.

4: A handy “common phrase” manual:

Try looking up the web for commonly used phrases; this helps, PROMISE! Print and carry it with you.

5: Translation apps:

Go to your App Store/Play Store and download one of many free translation apps for easy translations on the go.

6: Hang in there and observe:

Be patient and simply observe there; many of your problems are going to be solved by mere observation of the situation. Trust me!

7: Make local friends wherever you are:

Make your hotel receptionist, porter, everyday grocery store guy, the barista at a coffee shop your friend to help you learn the necessary phrases and adapt to local culture quickly.
My personal favorite!!!

8: Doodle:

It’s fun and easy; to draw pictures to communicate.
Bon Voyage!

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