Do you want to travel abroad or do you want to start a business in a foreign land? Don’t be afraid if you don’t understand their languages. Free language translation apps are here to solve your problem. They provide you with impeccable translation services in a wide range of languages. Free language translation apps help you to bridge the communication gap while dealing with a multivariate global audience. This has become possible because of technological advancement.

Let’s have a look at 10 free language translation Apps.

Google Translate

Google translate is a free language translation app. It also provides mobile apps for android and website interface. If you are a developer then it provides you with google API so that you can build software applications and browser extensions. Google translate helps in the translation of 100 languages.

It doesn’t go for translation directly, but it translates the text into English and then to the target language. Moreover, it has the option of voice translation, image translation, and handwriting recognition.

The best part is when you start the image translation, the image translation feature of your camera also starts working. After getting into the camera, you need to download the language of the camera. There are different features of Google translate.

  1. Translation can be done in more than 100 languages just by typing.
  2. The camera in this app can be used in translation in 38 languages.
  3. As soon as you copy the text in any application, your translation will pop up.
  4. You can translate into 59 languages even if you don’t have the internet.
  5. If you use conversation mode then you can translate instant speech translation in 32 languages.
  6. While using camera mode, you can translate 37 languages.
  7. You can use characters instead of using a keyboard in 93 languages.
  8. You can start and save the translation for future reference.

Speak & Translate

Speak & Translate is the intuitive free translation app for iPhone users. It has the highest rating for translator apps on iTunes. Speak & Translate is an amazing app that can-do speech translations in 54 languages and text translations in 117 languages.

It uses Apple’s proprietary speech recognition technology that helps in conducting voice recognition. Moreover, it accommodates iCloud integration that helps to store the translation history and emerge them in all iOS devices. The best part of this app is that if you are confused in selecting the language for text translation, this app will search for you.

You can download this app free from the Apple App Store. Despite all advantages of this app, it also has some disadvantages. You can use it only if you are online. There is a number limit of translation allowed per day. Speak & Translate also has some prominent ads.

If you don’t want to see these ads then you can get a premium version on a subscription basis. The advantage of a premium subscription is that you can do unlimited translations in an offline mode. Important features of Speak & Translate are as follows:

  1. It supports speech translation in 54 languages and text translation in 117 languages.
  2. It has speech recognition technology.
  3. It can detect the languages for translation.
  4. It also has a premium paid version that allows unlimited translation.

Offline mode can be used in the premium paid version.

Day Translations

Day Translations is the ultimate free language translation app. With the help of this app, you can get instant translations. If you are unable to pronounce any word then this app will help you in pronouncing the word correctly. This app is added with a new function that is interpreting.

This feature helps in a speech to speech translation. The Day Translations helps in the translation of more than 100 languages. This app supports Android devices and iOS. You can download it for free no matter where you are.

The best feature of this app is that it provides free translations on Android and fast translations on iOS. You need to write a sentence, phrase, and word on the upper box and select the language of origin and in the language in which you want to translate. The translation is done in the lower box by the app.

If you want to translate the recorded speech then go to human translation features and ask a human translator to do a translation of file, audio, video, and text translation. The important features of the Day Translations app are:

  1. It supports speech translation in 33 languages and supports text translation in 104 languages.
  2. It also provides speech to speech translation
  3. It is a free Android and iOS app but it has an option to pay for human translation.

i Translate

iTranslate is the leading translation and dictionary app. It helps in the translation of text, website, and voice to voice conversations in more than 100 languages. Its offline mode helps you to use iTranslate abroad without any roaming charges.

The other important features include history, the task of keeping favorite options, and male and female translation voices. Also, it has a feature of a phrasebook and visual dictionary. If you want to get the services of verb conjugation guide, website translation, conversation translation, and enjoy offline mode then you need to upgrade to the premium version of the app.

To get a translation of words and sentences, you need to write text on the screens or speak into the microphone. Apart from reading the meanings of the words that you want to translate. You can also speak verbally up to sixteen different languages. This feature requires payment and you can buy it from another application itself.

The important features of iTranslate are:

  1. It supports speech translations in 40 languages and text translations in over 100 languages.
  2. It has a free limited translation app for Android and a Premium paid version for iOS.
  3. It has an offline mode.
  4. It has a phrasebook and dictionary.
  5. It has the facility of camera translation in the premium version

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft translation is a unique free language translation app that helps in translation in 60 languages. It can do voice, conversation, image, and text translation both offline and online. You just need to download languages in different pairs to translate it when it is in offline mode. You need to upload the photos taken by the camera.

This app analyzes the images and screenshots to check the texts and provides impeccable translation accordingly. An additional feature of this app is that it supports 100 people to communicate in different languages through the app and these voices are interpreted by the app automatically.

Microsoft Translator also has pronunciation guides and a rich phrasebook that is very helpful for people that want to learn and speak different languages. You can check transliterations and hear translated phrases loud to remember the new words that you are learning. You can also share translations with other apps while doing text translations through the context menu. The important features of this app are:

  1. It is a free translation language app for android and iPhone.
  2. It caters to speech translation in 21 languages and text translation in 64 languages.
  3. It supports multi-person translated conversations.
  4. You can share your translation with different apps.
  5. It contains the phrasebook and pronunciation guides.
  6. It enables the camera and image translation.


TripLingo is the ultimate tool for global travelers. It contains an interactive phrasebook and instant voice translator. It is tailored according to the needs of travelers who are unable to understand foreign languages. It provides the translation in 19 languages and phrasebook assistance in 13 languages.

The important feature of this app is that it provides a currency converter, tip calculator, and the facility of calling US-based numbers by using data connection and Wi-Fi. Also, it enables you to connect with the local culture through its crash course.

The phrasebook that it contains has casual, formal, and crazy options for over 2,000 phrases per language. Interactive flashcards, audio lessons, and different quizzes make it easy to convert difficult phrases in swift turnaround time. It is featured as one of the best apps in different media channels like Fox, Forbes, MSNBC, Wired, Mashable, and CNN. The important features of this app are:

  1. It provides instant translation in 19 languages.
  2. It facilitates 26,000 phrases in 13 languages.
  3. It provides 26,000 phrases in 13 languages.
  4. It contains 30,000 professionally recorded translation audios.
  5. It also contains a dictionary with approximately 10,000 words and they can be viewed even if you are offline.
  6. It enables you to connect with a human translator to get a seamless life

Naver Papago Translate

Naver Papago Translate is a free language translation app designed to cater to the needs of business travelers and those that went abroad for foreign studies. In Esperanto, Papago means a bird that possesses linguistic abilities. You can take advantage of this parrot to get translation in multiple languages.

It helps in the translation of 13 languages that are Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Spanish, Japanese, English, Korean, Indonesian, and Russian. This app contains many amazing features that are worth mentioning.

It can provide you with real-time text and voice translation. It also contains the language dictionary and a phrasebook. You can operate it in three modes that are conservation, offline, and automatic currency conversion.

This application also has special features for children that can be assessed through flashcards. Moreover, it helps in selecting the better option from the images that have the intended context. The important features of this application are:

  1. It supports speech and text translation in 13 languages.
  2. It helps in doing image translations.
  3. It contains a special feature for children who want to learn a foreign language.
  4. It possesses a phrasebook and dictionary.

Yandex Translate

Yandex is a powerful free translation mobile application that helps in the translation of 95 languages when online. When it is offline then it can provide translations from English to Turkish, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and French. In the case of speech translation, it provides the translation in only four languages that are Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

This app can read aloud the text when it is translated. Additionally, it provides such applications on iOS and Android sets that enable camera and image translations in 11 languages that are Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German, French, English, and Czech.

If you want to translate your entire website then Yandex translate is the best option for you. It contains flashcards and a language dictionary that helps in learning a new language. It has the feature of saving translation in favorites. Moreover, it contains the feature of predictive typing that enables you to find the translation in different languages.

The important features of this app are:

  • It supports speech languages in 4 languages, camera translation in 12 languages, and text translation in 95 languages.
  • It assists in website translation.
  • For a new language, it can be used in Offline mode.
  • It contains a dictionary that supports numerous languages.


Linguee is an intuitive translation mobile app designed for Andriod and iOS devices. You can download it from the Apple App store only because it is delisted from Google play. Despite this, it is considered a good mobile app. 400 lexicographers developed it by providing their inputs.

Although it supports limited languages still it is considered a reliable and fast translation app. It only supports translation from and to Dutch, German, Japanese, French, English, Italian, Chinese, Polish and Spanish. The best feature of this app is the auto-suggests of Google.

When you look for words and phrases in the search box, it will suggest the words and phrases. Additionally, it also detects spelling errors and guides you with correct spellings when you are searching. After downloading language pairs, you can use it offline. It uses pronunciation guides that are recorded by professional speakers.

This innovative app also helps in using Apple,s 3D touch technology. When you write the details in the auto search bar, it shows the previews of previous entries. This 3D facility can also be used to find a word in an article without leaving the article. The important features of the Lingue translation app are:

  1. It provides text translation in 10 languages.
  2. It features a predictive translation search.
  3. It translates 10 languages in offline mode.
  4. It contains audio pronunciation guides by professional dubbers.


SayHi is a free translation mobile app that can be used in conversation with two who want to understand each other’s language. This app supports 90 languages that are Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Swahili, Polish, Estonian, Finnish, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Creole, Hebrew, Hungarian, Hindi, Norwegian, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Slovenian, Spanish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Filipino, Danish and Czech.

It provides a camera translation in Asian characters of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. It can do conversational, voice, and text translations. The voices used in the translation are from male and female variants. You can adjust the speed according to your pace.

You can also share and copy the translated text in social media, emails, and SMS. This is the best free app for those people that want to learn a new language. Translation in offline mode is also provided by this app like other translator apps. The main features of this app are:

  1. It supports speech and text translation in 90 languages.
  2. Camera translation in this app supports Asian characters.
  3. Male and female voices can be emulated according to your pace.
  4. You can translate and share content among different apps.

Wrapping Up

Free Language Translation Apps have made the translation very easy. No matter where you are, you can download any of the above-mentioned apps for instant translation. However, if you need accurate translation for business communication or other important documents, it’s better to choose a professional language service provider for flawless results.