In this era of social media and smart phones, we can’t think of a world where access to information isn’t quick and instant. Information can be of various kinds which include texts, images, videos and multiple digital media content. The amazing part is that all this information is shared at the speed no one could dream of a decade ago.

It can be easily concluded that our communication has more and more to do with swiftness and quickness over any other factor. Though, a lot of other means of messages exist and were relatively predominant in the past.

Samuel Morse – the man who invented the telegraph, ring a bell? This amazing apparatus was a revolution which completed changed the way long distance communication was done. His journey didn’t stop there, Morse also invented a code which was named after him. This code allowed sending of secret messages through telegraph lines. The Morse code was used to transfer information, difficult messages, etc. by means of the telegraph lines. Letters in the alphabet were allocated to different patterns, series of dashes and dots, lights or clicks. A very trained and skilled person was needed to comprehend the information. The code itself needed to be translated in English, and later in other languages, after it was written on a piece of paper, in order to communicate the message intended.

The Morse code came in different variations which included American and international alternatives. When translating code into text or vice versa, the individual assigned the job pays consideration to symbol pictures and punctuation signs as well. All the symbols – dots, dashes, spaces whether short or long are decoded into letters and scripts in the text. Currently, to this day there are numerous Morse Codes to text and text to using Morse translating tools which are available for free on the internet.

International Morse Code can be used diversely, which includes aeronautics services, radio services, and can also be used by general civilians and people with specific disabilities which grounds ineffective communication with disputes and problems.

It might seem impossible or difficult to be done but in reality it is probably the easiest thing you will ever learn. It may be time taking to get the hang of it and learn it but once you have learnt it fully it can come handy. Regardless of the problems of assimilating an outgoing system such as this, we can’t overlook a very significant and ever-present instrument that should radically simply things: the internet. In today’s era and stage, something I am sure Morse didn’t think of, we can all go online and lookout for a few classes, read up on what the code itself looks and sounds like, and become a Morse Code expert in no time. In fact, there’s possibly an application for that. Nonetheless, preserve in mind that people prefer to read internet content in their own native language. To learn more about the significance of website translations please visit here.

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