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PDF stands for Portable Document Format. As the name implies, it is a data format that can be used to describe documents. Adobe, the developers of PDF, market software to create, edit and visualize PDF files. Because the specifications of the file format are publicly available and meanwhile even became an official ISO-standard, a lot of other companies develop PDF-related software as well. In prepress, PDF is commonly used as a format to exchange data, either complete pages that need to be printed or advertisements that needs to be included in a publication. The file format is also popular for softproofing and reviewing content, because there are applications that allow you to make annotations on the PDF pages.

The past ten years have seen CCJK developing from a small team to a leading translation and localization company in the Asian Pacific region, specializing in Portable Document Format translation and localization into and from most Asian and European languages. We owe our success to our commitment to excellence, our dedication and continued pursuit of perfectionism, synergetic endeavor, real-time response to the client’s specific requirements and most important of all, delivery of the best quality.

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