Increasing R & D expenses increased, has brought great pressure on to the traditional game industry

Thanks to technology innovation, nowadays making a masterpiece of console or PC game will cost tens of millions or even billions of dollars,which will be invested in research and development, while social games and mobile games only need hundreds of thousands to develop a new one.

From the aspect of selling prices, console games and PC games are among prices from about 30-60 dollars, but 90% of the social or mobile games are free, even if you have to pay for it,the fee is basically around 1-2 dollars.

Facing the increasingly fierce competition and increasingly low success rate of the traditional game industry, it’s easy for you to imagine the pressure that Console and PC games developers is bearing, these pressures have led many manufacturers to shift the focus from Console/PC games to Social/mobile platforms.

When game developers flow into the social, mobile game platform, actually the game developers will have a greater deviation from the concept of game: from the platform itself, Console or PC are always serve the game only, but social networks is always trying to expand the user base, and a smart Handset manufacturers want to sell more phones.

These companies are in the pursuit of the growth figures but not concerned about the quality of the game. In this environment, game developers are more inclined to use their money to copy and paste all kinds of “fast food like games” to make money, no longer focus on the game content itself.

The present situation, iis a vicious cycle of tragedy to consumers and investors. Maybe a new way to cut the developing cost is a good way to keep the traditional games’ room. Try CCJK when you have a new project.cost down means more profit! [email protected]