About the Client
The client is a student accommodation agency from UK, who is creating their official websites and trying to promote them into Chinese market.

About the Project
Create copywriting content for the websites.

Initially it seems to be a usual project with one purpose of copywriting. The client contacted me and obtained some detail about our quote and turnaround time. I also normally ask the client for more information of their websites, and arranged some test draft. During a fluent communication, we talked a lot even like a happy chatting between friends. That must be a great chance to enable us to know each other further.

The reason why the client choose us not only is because of our capability and experience, but also we are a Chinese agency which must have a good understanding with Chinese consumers and the domestic market.

In this project, we were asked to produce some copywriting content of attracting Chinese students in UK to select their accommodation as well as promoting their brand in China for those students or parents who are ready to head to UK.

Analysing the client’s need, I was awareness that the first need could be achieved by a good copywriting. However, it would be hard to reach the second need only through the content rather than other ways, like the translation and localization. In a few conversations afterwards, I mentioned a lot for the client about doing a promotion in China.

I said it would be better to create a Chinese website version to let the parents to visit, who may be not good at English. And we can carry out a Baidu SEO in order to enable the website to be found easily when the students and parents try to search something about UK’s student accommodation on Baidu.

There is no doubt that implementing the Chinese localization and SEO are effective to help the client to reach the expectation of promoting their product and service in Chinese market.

Moreover, some new content would be added in the website after localization in order to accord with the domestic market and SEO. The new content writing and translation could be combined as what we call “creative translation”.

The idea is accepted and we are good to see the project is in progress smoothly so far.

As one part of language services, writing also have a close relation with translation. Even though this is a random case, at least the possibility of the influence among different kind of project still has been seen by us.

Whatever the area we develop, should we bear in mind that understanding clients more and trying to meet their requirements with different way. That should be what the professional language solutions do.

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About CCJK
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