TheVerge 消息,波士顿地区的几处公园很快会迎来一批可以将太阳能转化为电能的智能充电椅 Soofa,这些椅子除了可给游客的智能设备充电 ( 有 2 个 USB 口 ),也可显示一些基于 LBS 的信息,比如温度、空气污染指数等。

As reported by The Verge, a dozen of the Soofa smart charging benches that can convert solar power to electric energy will be installed at several parks in Boston. These benches not only can charge visitors’ smart devices (two USB slots), but also show some information about LBS, such as temperature, air pollution index, etc..

“这是我们朝着智能都市家居迈进的第一步。” Soofa 背后的出品的公司 Changing Environments CEO 、Soofa 的联合发明者 Sandra Richter 说。这家公司是从 MIT 的 Media Lab 中发展出来的。

“This is our first step towards the smart urban home,” said Sandra Richter, the CEO of the production company Changing Environments behind the Soofa and the co-inventor of the Soofa. The company is the spinoff of MIT Media Lab.

Soofa 预计定价在 3000 美元左右, Changing Environments 承诺可使用 25 年,第一批 Soofa 将于下周亮相波士顿。

Soofa is expected to cost about $3000, with a service life with 25 years promised by Changing Environments. The first Soofa benches will make their debut next week in Boston.

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