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Standardization of Somali

Both Somali and Arabic are official languages of The Somalia Democratic Republic. Before the arrival of the Italians and British, they either wrote in Arabic or used an ad hoc transliteration of Somali into Arabic script. Until a government established in 1960, a national standard language welcomed its new dawn.

Eugene A. Nida & Dynamic Equivalence I

There are several translation theories I studied in the university, such as Yan Fu’s theory of fidelity, clarity and elegance, Fu Lei’s spiritual resemblance, as well as Eugene A. Nida’s Dynamic Equivalence, also known as Functional Equivalence. Being a pioneer in the fields of translation theory and linguistics as well as a Biblical scholar, he made the world’s most popular book even more widely available by helping translate the Scripture into 200 languages. Probably this is his life career, and that leads to the appearance of his later translation theory that gives long-lasting influence to China’s translation field.