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Which leadership style is the most effective in business management?

During the enterprise management, leaders who assume the responsibility to take charge of the company play a key role in maintaining the normal operation of enterprise. As early as the end of the 19th century, there have been studies focusing on personality traits and behavior of leaders. Later, the behavioral theories, contingency theory, and attribution theory have begun to turn to study the leadership. Simply speaking, leadership stands for leader’s ability to lead and direct the team to achieve the goal. Leaders always show different working styles when managing the organization. Several distinct leadership styles including participative, autocratic, and entrepreneurial have been proposed by researchers. Besides, there are Fiedler Contingency Model (LPC), Path-Goal Theory by Robert House and Life Cycle Theory to Leadership which focus on leadership style and some related issues. Based on the leadership style theory –Average leadership style (ALS) by Kurt Zadek Lewin, the three leadership styles include autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire one.

Is monetary reward the major source of employee motivation?

In the business environment, one of the most key resources possessed by an employer is the employee. For the employers, employees can create benefits for them and make the profit maximization of the organization become possible. Therefore, it is important and imperative to have the employees motivated in many ways. In order to achieve this result, many things are put forward by management personnel. People often think of monetary rewards when talking about employee motivation. However, monetary rewards, which I think, are not the main resource of employee motivation. This paper will take an objective manner to illustrate the influence of monetary reward and other sources in employee motivation and put forward a reasonable motivation mechanism.