Apple Bans Use of Two Harmful Chemicals in iPhone and iPad Assembly

五个月前,关心中国劳工福利的美国组织 China Labor Watch 和旨在推进绿色经济的 Green America发起请愿,向苹果施压,要求后者禁用 iPhone 和 iPad 最终组装过程中的两种化学品—— 苯(benzene)和正己烷(n-hexane)—— 这两种物质分别会导致白血病及神经损伤。

Five months ago, activist groups concerning Chinese labor welfare China Labor Watch and Green America launched a petition drive calling on Apple Inc. to abandon the use of two harmful chemicals – benzene and n-hexane which will result in leukemia and nerve injury – in the production of iPhones and iPads.

苹果采纳了建议,在 22 家工厂进行了四个月的调查,发现并无证据说明这些化学品对涉及到 50 万名工人已产生危害。但苹果仍在本周三发出声明:要求供应商在 iPhone、iPad、iPod、Mac 以及其它相关产品的最终组装环节禁用这两类物质。另外,即便苯和正己烷不在生产材料清单上,苹果也要求这些合作商彻查厂内材料,确保不会对工人产生危害。

Apple accepted the advice and a four-month investigation at 22 factories found no evidence that benzene and n-hexane endangered the roughly 500,000 people who work at the plants, according to Apple. Nevertheless, Apple announced on Wednesday to order its suppliers to stop using benzene and n-hexane during the final assembly of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers and various accessories. What’s more, Apple is requiring all its suppliers to test all substances to ensure that they don’t contain benzene or n-hexane, even if the chemicals aren’t listed in the bill of materials.

环保权益组织 Greenpeace 的高级信息技术分析师 Gary Cook 认为,苹果此举有望正面影响其它的设备制造商,推动绿色生产。

Apple’s new rules governing benzene and n-hexane hopefully will pressure other gadget makers to adopt similar policies and promote the green production, said Gary Cook, senior information technology analyst for environmental rights group Greenpeace.

最近有传言称 iPhone 6 已进入量产前的最终质量控制阶段。如果该禁令能在富士康实施,估计会有超 50 万名组装工人受益。

It is reported that the production of iPhone 6 has entered the final quality control. If the ban will be followed in Foxconn, 500,000 assembly-line workers may benefit from this.

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