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China plays an important role in chemical materials market and has absolute advantage over other chemical suppliers. For the sake of huge scale of productions, cheap labor cost, advanced production equipment and innovation technology, China is also well known as the second-largest producers and exporters of chemical materials in the world after United States.

With the fast development of economy and globalization, world’s chemical market structure is redefined. Chemical raw materials market shift into the developing countries. Multinational pharmaceutical companies and other chemical related enterprises put much strength to develop new products but not the raw materials which involved in the process of production.

Therefore, it brings tremendous business development opportunities to China chemical industry. Chemical marketing is evolving as the influence of updated technology and changing market needs.

In order to achieve greater engagement, chemical enterprises need to create and delivery more relevant and impactful brand experiences, leverage unmatched technology capability to intensify interactivity across all channels and platforms and enable more effective sales force development.

Also highly personalized communication is the fuel to capture the customer’s eye and get win-win businesses. But how to realize it in global environment?

CCJK provided one-stop chemical translation solutions enable you to achieve global communications in featured languages (i.e. Japanese, Korean, Latin, Spanish…) aligned with your global audience in chemical industry. With on 12 years of experiences in translation services, CCJK have deep roots in chemical translation, full availability to manage your corporate chemical terminology which defines the business and builds the brand in the target markets.

The process allows you to centralize your chemical terms, helps you manage your chemical terminology in all language combinations and keeps it accurate, consistent and up-to-date. The application of TM (Translation memory) will cut down your cost and save time in your chemical products marketing.

As TM will collect previously chemical translation into a multilingual content repository and it could be re-used in the future chemical marketing materials translations when you introducing the new product to global customers.

CCJK strictly select the translators who are native speakers of your target market and with strong background and knowledge of chemical industry to precede your chemical translation. You will get accurate translation, concise expressions and tons of customers.

You will earn more for choosing CCJK as your chemical translation partner:

1. Honest, responsible, trustworthy and professional. Follow ATA guidelines to implement an extremely strict TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading) process for every project.

2. Guaranteed top quality at the most affordable prices. We’re responsible for the quality of translation, so you do not need to outsource another provider to authenticate the translation, saving you much time and cost!

3. Unlimited revisions to our translation until clients are totally satisfied with the job but without additional charge. Risk-Free!

4. PM and production based in China to cut cost by more than 30%; 24/7 at your services no matter where you are.

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We fully understand that confidentiality is of critical concern to you and your business partners and offer top privacy guidelines for our chemical translation services.

As a professional chemical translation company, CCJK offer superior chemical translation services in the following subject fields:

·Chemical engineering

·Inorganic chemicals

·Petrol chemicals

·Oleo chemicals


·Organic chemistry

·Material chemistry

·Nuclear chemistry


·Natural product chemistry.

·Environmental chemistry

·Medicinal chemistry

·Polymer chemistry

·Marine chemistry


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