Chi-Hua Chien, partner of KPCB, a famous Venture Capital company, talked about his favorite investment goal in three types of companies. One of them is education. He however commented that Education should not be in a typical environment where dozens of children squeezed into a classroom to learn, but should go on mobile and real-time.

Voxy realize the initial concept of language learning applications in such a moving and real-time contetxt. It announced today that they received a $ 2.8 million investment (Chi-Hua Chien obviously do not know the existence of such a company, because the current round of investment was not involved in the KPCB) .

The application named Voxy can call up the relevant foreign language words and phrases based on user’s current location. It uses SimpleGeo platform for users context, including restaurants, banks, retail stores 150 different locations to bring up context-based learning programs, short courses configuration. With only 3 minutes the user can complete learning of a program that fit in with the current location, while not bothering dining or shopping experiences.

In addition, Voxy also released its latest in a product – to help users learn English through an iPhone application in Portuguese. Previously Voxy has supported only conversion between Spanish and English.

In the mobile and real-time era, entrepreneurs shall be inspired from Voxy’s innovation.

About Voxy

Voxy is a new way to learn a language that is designed to fit seamlessly into our daily lives. Voxy’s integrated web/mobile/SMS platform uses relevant, up-to-date, real-world content of a student’s choosing (sports, pop culture, news, etc.), and converts it into fun, addictive, bite-size lessons that are accessible anywhere, anytime. This unique approach is based on leading pedagogic theories of motivation and learning; the Voxy method increases frequency of study and accelerates learning by teaching in-context. With Voxy’s adaptive system, each learner’s curriculum is personalized, and learning itself becomes an interactive game. Voxy is currently focused on teaching English to native Spanish-speakers in the US, but will be expanding into new markets and new languages to reach the billions and billions of language learners across the globe.

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