Finnish, we also known as Suomi, is the official language in Finland.Almost 92% of the people in Finland and some ethnic Finns use Finnish.

Finnish was generated from an ancient language, it formed at about 1st century AD.

The earliest literature using Finnish is Translated at the very beginning of 16th century, Mikael Agricola translated some part of The Bible using it.

Late into the end of 16th century, there finally came some Finland author began to use Finnish to write their book, but when it comes to some very important work, only Latin was used.

Finnish got a strong effect by Swedish for a long time, especially the glossary.

Nationalism had made contributes to Finnish, many scholar wanted to make Finnish “finlandized”, that means abandon the borrowing words and grammar structure from Swedish.

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Tough problems when learning Finnish:


Even though Finland belongs to Europe, Finnish doesn’t be a part of European phylum,this makes a huge difference between Finnish and European Language. But there are many borrowing words from Swedish and Russian.


The combination of Finnish often add termination to etyma, it may look like mechanised, but when some certain termination added to etyma,termination often changed. the most tough point in sound is its length , different length of sound usually use different,muta-muuta-mutta


This is the hardest place of learning Finnish,There are four tenses, namely present, past, perfect and pluperfect;we may go through this deeper in the later entries.

Language Form:

Just like Arabic Language, Finnish has two kinds of language forms.

The first one is general form – yleiskieli, it’s usually used in formal situation like church,politic speech and news reports.Its written form called kirjakieli, almost all the publications are using this language form.

The other one is Puhekieli, using for general Tv or Radio shows , internet chat, oral communications etc.

Borrowing Words:

Because of Finland belonged to the kingdom of Sweden from the 12th century and was ceded to Russia in 1809,so the borrowing words comes mostly from Sweden,parts of Russia,eg. Raamattu (Bible) comes from Russia.

To the recent days, the borrowing words comes more from English than the past,especially at the culture field,business and trade,music and film.

Some of the multinational companies like Nokia from Finland has set English as their companies’ main language, the new kinds of borrowing words not only made a crush on the Finnish words, but also squeezed out the earlier borrowing words from the other country. for example: dating, the earlier Finnish words of dating is:treffailla, borrowing from Sweden, which has been replaced by deittailla from English.

However, this does not mean that Finnish is threatened by English. Borrowing is normal language evolution.

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