Translation of “Available” in Medical Field

The basic meaning of “Available” is: 可用的,可得到的,有效的. It is always used as  predicative in a sentence. Now let us see some translations about it. 1、译成“可用的”、“适用的”、“可供……之用”,其后常跟介词for或to 1)  This drug is available for both oral and parenteral administration. 本药可供口服或注射用。 2) A doctor has a wide range of therapeutic measures available to him. 医生有各种各样的治疗措施可以采用。 3) The serum is available to the general public now. 血清现在已可供大众使用。 2、译成动词“获得”,“得到” 1) No assessment of the patient condition is available before the clinical experiment is over. 在临床试验结束之前,无从获得对患者病情的估计。 2) Only now are data on sociaoeconomic status and cancer incidence becoming   available from the Third National Cancer Survey. 直到现在,才从第三次全国癌症普查中得到社会经济状况与癌症发病率关系的资料。 3、意为“提供(的)”、“供应(的)”,但常不译出,尤其在药物说明书中 1) This drug is available either in liquid or in lyophilized form. 本药备有溶液或冻干品两种剂型。 2) Dipaxin is available in 5mg. scored tablets in bottle of 100. (供应力的)抗凝剂为五毫克刻痕片。每瓶100片。 3) The polymyxin B sulphate is available as a freeze-dried powder freely soluble in saline solution in vial containing 500,000 units potency. (供应的)硫酸多粘菌素B硫酸盐为冻干粉末,可任意溶于盐溶液中,每小瓶含五十万单位(效价)。 4、作某些名词的定语时,可译成“现有的” 1) The cost of prevention medicine keeps it from being widely applied, yet available statistics justify the validity of preventive efforts in certain specific diseases. 预防医学耗资巨大,使其无法推广,但现有统计资料证明对某些疾病的预防措施是确有成效的。 2) Although presently available therapeutic interventions are, as a rule, successful in suppressing isolated, acute episodes of VT (ventricular tachycardia), long range suppression of ventricular ectopic arrhythmias is more difficult. 虽然用现有的治疗方法抑制单独的室性心动过速急性发作通常是成功的,但是要长期抑制室性异位性心律失常则比较困难。 5、可译成“有效的” The tablets are available for the prevention of anginal attack. 本药片对预防心绞痛发作有效。(或译为:本药片可用于预防心绞痛发作。) 6、译成“可以找到”、“在场”,这时常以人为主语 If the doctor had been available, the child would not have died. 假如当时找到医生的话,这个孩子本来是不会死的。 7、译成“准备好” 1) Drugs to deal with such a crisis should always be available during the injection of myodil. 在注射碘苯脂期间,一定要准备好应付这种危急情况的药物。 2) Laboratory facilities must be available to perform such tests. 进行这样的检验,必须准备好实验室设备。

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