Participial Phrase in E-C Translation

There are two kinds of participial phrase: present participial phrase and past participial phrase. These two participial phrases are simple in structure, thus are quite common to see in English. In translation, we should pay more attention to such phrases used as attribute and adverbial. Participial phrase used as attribute: translated into attribute in Chinese No matter it is present participial phrase or past participial phrase, it can be used as attribute in sentence. This kind of phrases is usually translated into modifier. Each Party agrees to use Confidential Information received from the other Party only for the purpose contemplated by this Agreement and for no other purpose. 各方同意仅为本协议预期的目的而不是其他目的使用从对方得到的机密信息。 A Party claiming force majeure has the burden to prove the direct relationship between the force majeure and the nonperformance of its obligations under this Contract. 声称不可抗力的一方有举证责任,以证明不可抗力与未履行本合同规定的该方义务有直接关系。 While there are literally thousands of stocks, the ones bought and sold most actively are usually listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 虽然股票的种类数以千计,但买卖最活跃的股票通常在纽约证券交易所上市。 Participial phrase used as attribute: some other translation methods The same as attributive clause, when translating participial phrase used as attribute, it is very flexible. Not all of such phrase can be translated into attributive in Chinese, especially when it is burdensome and not applicable in Chinese expression habit. In these situations, we can use some other translation methods, to translate it into complement or a clause. Government, at the federal, state, and local level, seeks to promote the public security, assure fair competition, and provide a range of services believed to be better performed by public rather than private enterprises. 联邦、州和地方各级政府要做的是增强公众的安全感,确保公平竞争,并提供一系列服务,相信这些服务性事业由公有企业来办要比私人企业来办更好。 The formation of this Contract, its validity, interpretation, execution and settlement of disputes in connection herewith shall be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), but in the event that there is no published and publicly available law in the PRC governing a particular matter relating to this Contract, reference shall be made to general international commercial practices. 本合同的订立、效力、解释、执行及合同争议的解决,均受中华人民共和国(“中国”)法律管辖。中国正式颁布的法律对本合同相关的某一事项未作规定的,参照国际商业惯例。

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