Medical English Translation Skills(3):Change of Part of Speech

Let's continue the exploration on the medical English translation skills.  I had concluded some rules of Change of Part of Speech in the last blog. Here comes the rest three categories, that is, Change to Nouns, Change to Adjectives, Change to Adverbs. II   Change to Nouns
  1. from Verbs
Endocrinology is defined as the study of the ductless or endocrine glands and their internal secretions. 内分泌学的定义是:研究没有导管的或称内分泌性的腺体及其内分泌液的科学。 Bronchiectasis differs from chronic bronchitis in that the former is more of a localized disease. 支气管扩张与慢性支气管炎的区别在于前者更是一种局限性疾患。a.
  1. from Adjectives
Although mucus glands hyperplasia is characteristic of bronchitis, it also may be encountered in bronchiectasis. 尽管粘液腺体增生是支气管炎的特征,但也会出现于支气管扩张中。 III  Change to Adjectives
  1. from Adverbs
The newly designed apparatus is chiefly featured by its high sensitivity. 高灵敏度是此新型设备的主要特征。
  1. from Nouns preceded by an indefinite article
The clinical trail was quite a success. 临床试验非常成功。 Successful experiments in immunology have proved a great hope in its further application as a powerful therapeutic and diagnostic weapon. 免疫学方面的成功试验业已证明,进一步将其作为一种治疗和诊断的有效手段是十分有希望的
  1. from Nouns
The pallor of the patient’s face indicated clearly how he was feeling at the moment. 病人苍白的脸色清楚地表明了她那时的情绪。 The patient was all anxiety on learning the real cause of his ill-health. 病人焦虑不安,想知道真正的病因。
  1. from adv. as an attribute
The above analysis serves to shed light on the mechanism of anesthesia acupuncture. 以上分析有助于阐明针刺麻醉的机理。 IV   Change to Adverbs a.from Adjectives Such ecologic transformations can be responsible for apparent therapeutic failure or exacerbations during antibiotic therapy. 在抗生素治疗中,这种生态学转换可能使治疗明显地失败,甚至造成病情恶化。 b.from Nouns When the patient hear any sound, his instinct is to gaze at the door. 听到任何声响,病人都本能地盯着门口看。

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