e-Learning Engineer - Job Description and Requirements

Job Description
  • 1. Development, production and edition of e-Learning course
  • 2. Audio and video editing and format conversion of various e-Learning projects
  • 3. Production and integration of various e-Learning elements such as text, audio, video, transcription, subtitling and animation.
  • 4. Communicate with external team for QA of outsourcing project
Job Requirements
  1. Major in Computer or Arts & Design, Animation or Film & TV production
  2. Independent working ability to produce e-Learning courses
  3. Familiar with audio and video editing
  4. Related experiences in implementation of e-Learning projects, familiar with Scorm and QTI and etc. specification is preferred
  5. Related experiences in Film & TV production is preferred
  6. High aesthetic qualities and innovative thinking
  7. Good command of various e-Learning tools
  8. Quicker learner, good communicator, nice team worker
Introduction to e-Learning It has been more than ten years since the concept of e-Learning was firstly initiated. According to the statistics from IDC, the market of e-Learning in USA has reached an annual growth rate of 83% since 1998. The population that study based on the Internet is growing at a rate of 300% annually. 60% of companies are training their employees through Internet based courses. In Cisco, the percentage of e-Learning based training even accounts for more than 80%. As predicted by American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), 90% of companies whose employee have more than 500 will adopt the way of e-Learning for training as of 2010. Nowadays, more and more countries such as Korea and UK are embracing e-Learning as the new mode for training in their various fields. In China, it's only 3 years since the introduction of the concept of e-Learning. Firstly, it's those international companies promote, demonstrate and stimulate the application of e-Learning. Lately, those Chinese large scale enterprises also found the efficiency of e-Learning and use it as the training platform in enterprise wise. Mr. Jonathan D. Levy, an internationally renowned expert in management education and knowledge management said, "I predicted a rapid growth in the following years for the market of e-Learning in China. China accounts for 1/4 of the population in the world. The Chinese society is a homogeneous society. This reveals a great chance of mass knowledge distribution. The return on investment will be definitely huge if all people goes for e-Learning." Meanwhile, Mr. Jonathan points, "The transformation towards e-Learning will bring big effect to Chinese society if so many people learn and develop their skills and quality".

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