>Italian is a romance language that developed from the dialect of Florence with a poetic and literary origin. Through centuries of development and cultural exchange, the once numerous varieties of the Italian language family have converged to the standard form after the Italian unification. A large number of Italian speakers have spread worldwide since late 19th century in search of a better life in America or oversea colonies.

According to the newest statistics collected by the European Union, Italian is currently spoken as a mother tongue by 65 million people in the EU countries and 85 million altogether with those on other continents.

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The wide spread of the Italian language is firmly associated with Italy’s upsurging economic influence after the World War II. Having co-founded the former European Coal and Steel Community, which is now the European Union, Italy has established solid ground for the taking off of its economy and grasped the historic turning point becoming one of the leading European economies ever since.

Italy has long enjoyed a good reputation for fine craftsmanship. Its architecture, race cars, luxurious furnishings, and apparels are among the first-class in design and offer a perfect combination of classic aura and modernization. Tourism is another highlight of Italy’s economy. The Roman Empire was built up at the Seven Hills incorporated in the ancient Rome city and left with Italy invaluable assets that attract over 43 million international tourist arrivals each year.

Culturally and economically enriched to a great extent, the Italian language can only be translated by adept linguists who not only adequately know the language but are knowledgeable of the Italian social conventions and traditions or with specialties in its various featured industries.

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