If you are travelling to Italy for the first time and have no idea about the Italian language and dialects spoken there; have no worries. Below are some of the common phrases and words in Italian Language Translation to ensure you have an exciting trip without feeling alien or lost.

Thank you – Grazie.

Thank you very much – Grazie tante.

You’re welcome – Prego.

Please – Per favore.

Yes – Sì.

No – No.

Excuse me – Mi scusi.

Pardon me – Mi scusi.

I’m sorry – Mi dispiace.

I don’t understand – Non capisco.

I don’t speak Italian – Non parlo italiano.

I don’t speak Italian very well – Non parlo molto bene italiano.

Do you speak English? – Parla inglese?

Speak slowly, please – Parli piano, per favore.

Repeat, please – Ripeta, per favore.

What’s your name – Come si chiama?

How are you – Come va?

Do you speak English – Parla inglese?

Where is the subway – Dov’è la metropolitana?

Is the tip included – Il servizio è incluso?

How much does that cost – (sg./pl.) Quanto costa/costano?

Is there a public phone here – C’è un telefono pubblico vicino?

Can I get on the internet – Posso collegarmi con internet?

Can you help me – Mi può aiutare?

Where is the bathroom – Dov’è la toilette?

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